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Shiraz is located in the south-west of Iran, in the province of Fars. It is the fifth most-populous city of the country with nearly 2 million inhabitants. This perfect city is known as “the city of poets, literature, and flowers” in the Middle East. It is one of the most attractive cities in the country with many great attractions. It is also among the oldest cities of Iran with its historic sites. That’s why the city of Shiraz welcomes millions of people from especially the Middle East each year with all its beauty.

Shiraz is a marvellous city with the unique combination of history and culture. With its beautiful architecture and historical structures, the city of Shiraz offers a wide variety of attractions for culture and history lovers. Because this city has a rich and glorious history, it is regarded as “the Pearl of Iran”. The city of Shiraz is home to many fascinating museums, art galleries, magnificent monuments, sumptuous palaces, and ancient mosques. You should definitely visit the following places: Persepolis, Hafez Mausoleum, Saadi Mausoleum, Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Shah Cheragh Mosque, Vakil Mosque, Narenjestan Museum, Pars Museum, Shiraz Armenian Church, and Gahvareh Did. These great places will influence you with their pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the bright streets of Shiraz attract attention with many stylish restaurants and traditional tea houses.

Known as the main symbol of Shiraz, Qur’an Gate is regarded as the main entrance of the city. It is one of the finest architectural structures in Iran with its stunning view. One of the most visited touristic places of the city, Qur’an Gate is also called “the gate of Shiraz” in the country.

Shiraz is a paradise situated in the picture-perfect environment. It is well-known for its beautiful gardens and fruit trees in the country. The most popular gardens of the city are Afif Abad Gardens, Eram Garden, Delgosha Garden, and Jahan Nama Garden. Besides the city’s beautiful gardens, there are some lovely parks located around the city centre of Shiraz, namely Mellat Park, Azadi Park, and Kholde Barin Park. It is one of the best destinations in the country for nature lovers.

The city of Shiraz also attracts attention with its art. You can see many different sculptures on the streets of the city. In addition, many events like national celebrations and local shows are organized all year around.

Shiraz is one of the vibrant cities in the country with its food specialities. Many local restaurants serve a wide range of tasty dishes. The most delicious dishes of the city are Kalam polo, Shirazi salad, and Nokhod.

Shiraz is invites you on an unforgettable trip. Get ready for breathtaking experiences in this perfect city. It is time to feel outstanding beauty.

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