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Located in the northwest of France, Rouen is the provincial centre of the Upper Normandy region and the Seine-Maritime. This city, divided into two by the River Seine, is very attractive for people all around the world. Rouen is one of the largest cities in France with nearly 200.000 inhabitants. The local people attach great importance to art and culture.

Rouen is a vibrant city with its beautiful architecture, brilliant minds and colourful history. It is a fascinating city with its historical buildings and classical architecture, taking you back to centuries ago with its cultural heritage. There are many places in the city worth seeing. The most popular of these are Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Rouen, Rue du Gros-Horloge, Gros- Horloge, Rue Saint-Romain, Historical Jeanne d’Arc, and Place du Vieux-Marche, all of which are sure to influence you very deeply. You should definitely visit these great places to discover the French culture.

Besides its historical importance, Rouen attracts attention with its colourful streets, each of which has a unique concept. While some of the streets are in the foreground with their magnificent history, some of them stand out with their modern buildings. Walking through the streets, you will see many stylish restaurants and cafés. Having dinner with impressive views of the streets of Rouen will be an unforgettable moment of your trip.

There are many options for nature lovers in Rouen as in many other cities in France. With its unusual nature, the city will fascinate many people. If you are keen on nature, you are advised to visit Botanical Garden, Saint-Sever Garden, Saint Paul Garden, Jardins de Champ de Mars, Square Verdrel, and Parch Grammont. These parks and gardens are ideal places to start discovering the city.

In Rouen, many different types of festivals are organized throughout the year. The city attracts even more visitors during the festivals, the most notable of which are Festival De Rouen Du Livre De Jeunesse, Parenthése-Collectif Lucien, and Festival Lucien-Clair Obscur Edition, among many others.

Spring and summer are the best times to visit this magnificent city. Rouen will offer you a good trip experience. The city is full of secrets at each corner. So, what are you waiting for? Get en route to Rouen!

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