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Reykjavik is situated in the south-west of Iceland, on the southern shore of Faxafloi. It is the capital and largest city of the country with approximately 150.000 inhabitants. It is the administrative and political centre of Iceland. The city of Reykjavik is also regarded as the lively cultural centre of the country with its historic attractions. For this reason, it is the most popular tourist destination in Iceland. In addition, Reykjavik is among the greenest, cleanest and safest cities in the world. It is a must-see city with all its beauty.

The history of Reykjavik is one of the prominent features that make the city attractive. Reykjavik is filled with excellent museums, magnificent monuments, great cathedrals, and other historical structures. Especially, the city’s old town draws attention with many special attractions. There are a wide range of places in the city worth-seeing, namely Hofdi House, the Settlement Exhibition, Hallgrimskirkja, Saga Museum, Reykjavik Maritime Museum, the Einar Jonsson Museum, National Museum of Iceland, the Culture House, Cathedral of Christ the King, and Reykjavik Cathedral.

Reykjavik, Iceland’s main tourist destination, attracts attention with its breathtaking beauty. The city’s parks and gardens are ideal places to feel the unusual nature of Reykjavik. If you are a nature lover, you should definitely visit the following places: Reykjavik Botanical Gardens, Heiomork, Grasagardur, Einarsgarour, Ingolfur, and City Park & Garden. Also, Tjörnin Lake, surrounded by nice gardens, is one of the most preferred destinations in the city because of its pleasant atmosphere.

Reykjavik offers a lot to discover. It is especially known for its colourful events, such as festivals and carnivals. The most notable of these are Viking Festival, Reykjavik Fringe Festival, Secret Solstice Festival, and National Day of Iceland Celebrations. Besides these major events, all-night parties are very popular. There are a great number of world-famous bars and night clubs in Reykjavik, including Kaffibarinn, Olstofa, Pablo Discobar, English Pub, Gaukurinn, Dillon Whiskey Bar, Lebowski Bar, Micro Bar, and Icelandic Craft. The city’s bars and clubs are also famous for their different types of beverages.

Reykjavik is definitely worth-visiting. This perfect city guarantees a memorable trip with limitless beauty. What are you waiting for? Get ready for fresh experiences in this fascinating city. It is time to visit Reykjavik.

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