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Rennes is a city in the northwestern France and in the east of Brittany. Rennes is also the capital of the ill-et-Vilaine department. Rennes takes you a step back in time through its famous monuments, character and many other attractions. Some famous places are the Parlement court and the Great Fire of 1720 with Odorico mosaics and wooden structure. The place will give you a fresh perspective of Brittany, its heritage and associated legend and stories.

Rennes is a green city known for its existence with Mother Nature. There are many parks and gardens like renowned Parc du Thabor, Central Park, the Parc des Gayeulles that are located on the river Vilaine. Many parks have ponds that makes its more attractive. You can easily commute from one place to another and reach to the untouched countryside to explore the natural beauty of Rennes. 

The city is famous for its cutting edge music scene, exhibitions, museums, galleries, and street art showcased across th town. The city is famous cultural spot attracting people and tourist from all across the places. The city of Rennes is kept alive throughout the year through various festivals like Mythos festival, Tock and Solex in May, June's Big Love, Transat en Ville, the Maintenant festival, Yaouank and many more. 

Rennes like other French city is also known for its love for food and it is reflected from the specialities like iconic sausage galettes, traditional crepes, pancakes with wine. The region produces fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and shellfish caught from the nearby coast, thus providing you a range of food. So when you are visiting do not forget to try quirky bistros and restaurants. 

If you are a shopaholic then in Rennes you can find designer pieces in the quirky boutiques. You can go on off-beat shopping ecperience to buy authentic Rennes souvenirs, latest brands, boutiques and shops. Its perfect for snapping a bargain in the sales during holidays. 

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