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Built on the entrance of the Gulf of Amvrakikos, Preveza is a modern city in Greece. This city is the administrative, commercial, and tourist centre of Epirus. The city of Preveza is known as the capital of perfection in the country with its extraordinary beauty. It welcomes thousands of people every year thanks to the tourism sector. It is also a beautiful city inhabited by roughly 30.000 people.

Preveza has a well preserved artistic heritage. It offers a wide variety of attractions to many people with various interests, for example; Venetian Castle of Parga, the Church of Panagia Parigoritissa, Ali Pasha Castle, Zalongo Monument, Nekromanteion Acheron, Ancient Kassopi, the Castle of Arta, Agios Dimitrios Church, Orraon, and Roman Aqueduct of Nikopolis are among the must-see places for culture lovers. While visiting these historical places, you will be impressed by the spectacular views. One of the most visited places in Preveza is the Ancient Town, which is a lovely town with little streets, historic buildings, and some interesting places to visit. In addition, Preveza has unusual nature with many different kinds of plants and animals. It is full of beautiful naturalistic landscapes from the natural forest to smooth sea. This city is also home to various parks and gardens. If you are a nature lover, you are advised to see the following places: Skala Tzavelena, and Archerontas Springs.

This great Greek city is especially the centre of attention with its beautiful beaches. Preveza’s beaches are full of energy in the summer, which is the best season to visit the city. There are a great number of golden beaches near the city centre of Preveza, including Ammoudia Beach, Sarakiniko Beach, Loutsa Beach, Monolithi Beach, Alonaki Fanariou Beach, Lichnos Beach, Valtos Beach, and Kanali Beach. By the way, the city of Preveza is rich in freshwater lakes and magnificent waterfalls, such as Limni Pigon Lourou Potamou, Ziros Lake, Acheron River, and Piges Acheronta. This city will offer you a pleasant trip with its welcoming atmosphere.

Preveza provides an extraordinary diversity of lifestyle for its people, which makes it a suitable place to live for people of all ages. Entertainment facilities are world-class in the city. For example, there are some bars and night clubs on the city’s streets, such as Pargas, Avocado, Kamini, Mango Club, Blue Bar, Sugar Parga, Sail, Antico Rock Bar, and Flamingo. Also, some festivals are organized in the city at certain times of the year. The most popular festival is International Choral Festival of Preveza, which includes many concerts.

In Preveza, you will see a wide range of extraordinary beauty, which will affect you deeply. What are you waiting for? Get ready for exciting experiences in the city. It is time to see Preveza.

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