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Ponta Delgada is one of the municipalities on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores Autonomous Region of Portugal. It is the administrative capital of the Azores. It is also the largest city in Azores with roughly 75.000 inhabitants. The city is one of the most developed cities in the country in terms of tourism.

This beautiful city of Ponta Delgada has great attractions for culture lovers. If you are one of those, the following places are worth-seeing for sure: Igreja do Santo Cristo, Igreja Matriz de Sao Sebastiao, Sinagoga Shaar Hashamain, Palais Sant’Ana Plutot que Palacios, Monumento aos Marinheiros, and Estatua Goncalo Velho Cabral. In addition, there are a great number of parks and gardens. The most famous of these are Jose do Canto Botanical Garden, Jardins de Sant’Ana, Jardim Padre Sena Freitas, and Jardim Antero de Quintal. We strongly recommend you to see these places. You will spend a great time there.

Sightseeing is a major tourist attraction in the city. One of the top places to sight see is Furnas, which is home to the Gorreana Tea Factory. The second most popular destination is Logoa do Fogo, which has beautiful volcanic landscape and beautiful scenery of the beaches. Another place to visit in the city is Nordeste, which hosts waterfalls and watermills. It is also the highest part of the Island of Sao Miguel.

As an entertainment centre of the Azores, the city of Ponta Delgada is always vibrant with its amusement parks and night clubs. There are various places where you can feel the boundless energy, including Baia dos Anjos and Arco 8. By the way, the city is known for its different types of liqueurs and alcohols. However, the most popular liqueur is Passion Fruit Liqueur. Highly recommended!

This perfect city is sure to give you an unforgettable experience. Discover every part of the beautiful city of Ponta Delgada. It is time to feel sheer beauty.

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