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A historic city in the south of Italy, Palermo is the capital city of the Autonomous Region of Sicily. The most populous city in the region, Palermo is also known as the cultural and touristic capital of Sicily. Thanks to its specific location and Mediterranean climate, it is among the most visited cities in the country by tourists from all over the world. The city is one of the leading cities in Italy with its rich history, cultural heritage, social life, landscape, architecture, and cuisine. Palermo is a beautiful city with about 700.000 inhabitants.

The city is a vibrant one with its major events like annual festivals and lively nightlife. Especially, the most remarkable event in the cultural life of Palermo city is the World Festival on the Beach, which attracts more and more people from all over the world year after year. In addition, Santa Rosalia Festival held in July is also the centre of attention for a great number of people from France. Palermo’s nightlife is as dynamic as its festivals. Castelnuovo Street and Verdi Street are the liveliest streets of nightlife. The biggest and oldest bar in the city is Cambi Cavalli located around Palazzo Sammartino-Ramondette.

Palermo is regarded as the second city of fashion in Italy, after Milan. It is quite an ideal city for shopping lovers with limitless options it offers. The most attractive shopping place in the city is Liberta Square, which is home to many boutique shops where you can find almost all the latest fashion products.


In the city centre of Palermo, there are a great deal of stylish restaurants located on Garibaldi Square and Della Liberta Street. It is possible to try many unique tastes of Italy in these restaurants. Although the majority of the dishes of Palermo consist of eggplants and tomatoes, the most famous dish is the Sicilian swordfish. Also, Sicily’s finest wines are produced in Palermo. You should definitely taste them. Highly recommended!

Palermo offers a wide range of attractions to many people with various interests; for example, Quattro Canti, Porta Nuova, San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Galleria Delle Vittorie, Villa Baucina Pottino, Momumento alla Strage di Capaci, Palazzo Di Rudini, and Castello della Zisa are among the places to see for history lovers. Nature lovers, on the other hand, should not miss English Garden, Giardino Dei Giusti, Parco Della Favorita, Acqua Dei Corsari, Orto Botanica, Villa Bonanno, and Park Villa. In addition to these places, don’t leave without seeing Mondello Beach. Palermo is sure to fascinate you with its natural beauty, stunning historical places and sandy beaches.

Palermo is waiting for you right now! This Italian city guarantees an unforgettable trip with all its beauty. Get ready for breathtaking experiences in this beautiful city.

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