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Ostrava is located in the north-east of Czechia. It is the capital city of the Moravian Silesian Region with more than 300.000 inhabitants. The city is only 9 miles from the Polish border, at the meeting point of four rivers: the Odra, Opava, Ostravice and Lucina. It is the third most populated city in the country after Prague and Brno. Glamorous lifestyle and gorgeous weather make it a suitable place for your vacation at any time of the year.

One of the most attractive tourist routes of the country, Ostrava is also the centre of attention for many people with its medieval history, cultural heritage, and ecclesiastical architecture. There is a wide range of places to visit in the city; we recommend the following: Michal Colliery, Bolt Tower, Cathedral of the Divine Saviour, Ostrava Museum, and Silesian Ostrava Castle.

This beautiful city is also famous for its extraordinary beauty. It is home to some national parks and botanical gardens. If you are a nature lover, you should not miss the following places: Zoo Ostrava, Trebovice Park, Halda Ema, Park Zahrad, Komenskeho Sady, Park Pokorneho, Dalimiluv Park, Pustkovecky Park, Sady Milady Horakove, Kemp Coo Castle, and Venkovni Gril.

Like many other cities in Europe, Ostrava is at the forefront of nightlife. The magnificent bars and clubs in the city invite you on an enjoyable experience. The most popular of these are Marley Club, La Corte, and Club Peace, among many others. These bars and clubs are known for the local beverages of Ostrava, worth trying for sure. By the way, Stodolni Street is the liveliest street in the city with many entertainment choices.

The traditional cuisine of Ostrava is another feature that makes the city attractive. The city of Ostrava is known as “Superb Food City” in the country with its food specialities. The most famous dishes of the city are Cesnekova Polevka, Bramborova Polevka, and Pecena Kachna. You should definitely try the tasty food of Ostrava.

With its breathtaking beauty, Ostrava will offer you a pleasant trip experience. While walking along the streets of the city, you will see many unforgettable picturesque landscapes. It is time to visit the city of Ostrava. Get ready for new experiences.

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