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Located in the northeast of Sardinia Island, Olbia is a small but one of the most developed cities in the region in terms of transportation and tourism. Olbia welcomes many people from all over the world annually with its limitless beauty. This city, which attracts attention with its architectural structures dating from the Bronze Age, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It is also a historic city with more than 70.000 inhabitants.

The city is divided into two parts; Ancient City and Modern City. There are many historical and cultural structures in the Ancient City, so it would be a right way to start exploring Olbia. This magnificent Italian city draws attention with its rich history, cultural heritage, great monuments, interesting museums and excellent cathedrals. There are a great deal of places to visit in the city, including Nuraghe Riu Mulinu, Necropoli San Simplicio, Museum Civitatense Basilica di San Simplicio, Chiesa di San Paolo Apostolo, Castello di Pedres, Acquedotto Romano, Villa Clorinda, and Castello di Sa Paulazza. Each of these places will give you a great chance to explore Olbia’s magnificent history.

Olbia is a sheer heaven with its golden beaches, such as Spiaggia Pittulongu, Cala Brandinchi, La Cinti Beach, Capriccioli Beach, Cala Sabina, Spiaggia Porto Taverna and Spiaggia Cala Banana. That’s why the city is one of the most visited holiday destinations in Europe with its charming beaches and all-night parties. Olbia is also home to Italy’s favourite festivals like Festa di San Simplicio and New Year’s Eve.

Olbia’s parks and gardens are perfect if you want to feel peaceful. If you are a nature lover, you are advised to see Parco Fausto Noce, Spiaggia di Bados, Isola di Molara, and Parco Olbia. You are sure to feel the unique nature of the city.

Olbia is a lively city day and night.  The city’s street of bars is full of people all night long. These places are undoubtedly the centre of the attention at night. It is also a hub for tasty dishes, such as grey mullet roe and lobster, which is the most famous food in the city.

Get ready for a pleasant trip to Olbia full of new experiences. With its beautiful beaches, unique nature and historical importance, Olbia is definitely the right place to feel relaxed. Enjoy one of the greatest times of your life here in Olbia!

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