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Situated on the north-west coast of the Black Sea, Odessa is the third most populous city in Ukraine. It is one of the most significant tourism centres in the country with its ports. For this reason, the city of Odessa is regarded as a Port and Transportation City. Odessa is the administrative centre of Odessa Oblast. This great city is also one of the multiethnic cultural centres with more than one million inhabitants. Although there are various stories about the origin of the name of the city, the most reliable one suggests that the city was named after the ancient Greek colony of Odessos. It is also known as the Pearl of the Black Sea due to its location.

Odessa is the second-best historically preserved city in the country after Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. The city hosts many historical buildings and architectural structures, dating back to centuries ago, which makes Odessa the centre of attention for many culture and history lovers from all over the world. There are a wide range of places in the city worth-visiting. The most popular of these are Statue of the Duc de Richelieu, Vorontsov Monument, Monument to Catherine the Great and Founders of Odessa, Regional Philharmonic Society, Holy Assumption Cathedral, Spaso-Preobrazhens, and Lutheran Saint Paul’s Cathedral, all of which are sure to influence you very deeply. Along with these places, Potemkin Stairs are quite popular. These stairs are regarded as the entrance gate of the city. One of the most visited places in the city is the Old Town of Odessa, which is a lovely town with bright streets, charming squares, and ancient buildings. The most popular streets in the city centre of Odessa are Derybasivska Street, which is a suitable place for walking and shopping, and Prymorskyi Street where Potemkin Stairs are located.

The city of Odessa has distinctive nature with various interesting places to visit. The city is full of beautiful natural landscapes. If you want to feel peaceful and relaxed, the city’s lovely parks and gardens are ideal places for you. You are advised to see City Garden, Shevchenko Central Park, Victory Dendropark, Sculpture Garden, Botanical Garden of ONU, and Zoo Garden of Odessa.

This beautiful city is not only famous for unique nature and artistic heritage, but also for its cuisine. There are many local restaurants and elegant cafés in the city centre, which let you taste the country’s traditional foods. If you want to try the city’s specialities, you are advised to taste the following dishes: Borscht, Chebureki, and Mlyntzi.

The city’s nightlife is very dynamic. For this reason, it offers many attractions for its visitors from all around the world. This great city is also known for its summer parties and night clubs. There are a great number of famous bars and nightclubs on Arcadia Street, namely Ibiza Beach Club, Morgan Club, Jennifer Night Club, Axis, More Music Club, and Bourbon Rock Bar.

Odessa is full of energy at any moment of the year. It is home to many colourful events like local festivals and national celebrations. The most notable of these are Museum Nights, Odessa International Film Festival, and Odessa Jazz Music Festival. These festivals give the city a unique atmosphere, so try not to miss these festivals.

Odessa is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the country. The city’s bars and clubs are the centre of attention at night, while its sandy beaches are at the forefront during the day. When in Odessa for vacation, you are advised to see the following beaches: Arcadia Beach, Lanzheron, Kaleton, Dolphin Beach, and Private Elling, among many other golden beaches.

The great city of Odessa guarantees an unforgettable trip. That’s why do not forget to add a visit to Odessa to your to-do list. Get ready for fresh experiences in this city. Odessa invites you.

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