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One of the most attractive cities in France, Nimes is situated between the Cevennes Hills and the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the Occitanie region of southern France. It is also the capital of the Gard region. The city has the oldest collection of Roman ruins in France. That’s why this city is known as the Rome of France among Europeans. It is a historic city with approximately 200.000 inhabitants.

Nimes is so deeply attached to the Mediterranean culture that you can see it in its culinary culture. The most notable feature of the cuisine of Nimes is that it has many ethnic restaurants.  In addition, the city has brought many superb foods to the French cuisine culture. The most famous traditional dish of Nimes is brandade de morue. Along with this delicious dish, Tapenade and Taureau are definitely worth trying.

Although Nimes is one of the smallest cities in France, it has lively nightlife. In summer, the Nimes Arena hosts many events, including open-air concerts and plays. The city also attracts attention with its numerous festivals like Festival de Nimes, Festival Biennale de la BD, Les Nuits d’Or, and Comité des fétes. If you visit this city during the festival period, you should attend these festivals.

Nimes offers a wide range of attractions to many people with various interests; for instance, Clock Tower, Maison Carrée, Jardin de La Fontaine, and Temple of Diana are among the must-see places for history lovers. Nature lovers, on the other hand, should not miss Le Bois des Enfants, Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle, Square Hubert Rouger, and Camargue Garden.

The most enjoyable way to experience shopping in Nimes is to explore the city’s back streets. You can find a wide variety of interesting souvenirs while walking along the streets. In addition, there are many shopping malls, such as La Galerie Cap Costiéres and La Boutique Nimoise.

A cool spring day would be the perfect time to visit the city. Your visit to this small French city will definitely be a memorable one, so don’t forget to add a visit to Nimes to your to-do list. Get ready for the breathtaking experiences. This wonderful city invites you.

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