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Muharraq is the third-largest city of Bahrain. It is located in the south-west of the country, along the Persian Gulf. It is also situated in the east of Manama, the capital city of the country. It is one of the metropolitan cities in the region with roughly 200.000 inhabitants. This city is one of the prominent cultural and historical centres of the country with its special attractions. It is also known as “the Pearling City” because of its geographical location and artistic heritage.

Muharraq is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East with its rich history and artistic heritage. For this reason, the city of Muharraq is rich in historical landmarks. This great city is home to hundreds of historical buildings, from ancient temples to magnificent monuments. The most popular of these are Siyadi House, Bin Ali Al Khalifa, Bin Matar House, Qalat Arad, Busaad Art Gallery, Al Oraifi Museum, Al Nukhida House, and Beit Seyadi. The city’s remarkable historical sites are not limited to these. Muharraq is also famous for its streets and traditional markets. The most notable of these is Muharraq Souk, also known as Muharraq Traditional Market. It is full of a wide variety of shops selling local crafts, clothes, and carpets.

The city of Muharraq, one of Bahrain’s main tourist attractions and a must see place in the Middle East, attracts attention with its outstanding beauty. The city’s parks and gardens are great places to feel the unusual nature of Muharraq. If you are a nature lover, you should definitely visit the following places: Pearling Path, and Hanging Garden.

In addition to its historical importance and natural beauty, Muharraq hosts some major events. It has some annual festivals, local shown and special celebrations, the most notable of which is Annual Heritage Festival, also called Memory of Muharraq. It is also considered as the biggest event in the city.

Because of its geographical location, Muharraq is the best holiday destination in the country. It draws attention with its charming beaches, including Asry Beach, Marassi Beach, and Busaiteen Beach. These places are definitely worth-seeing.

Muharraq is waiting for you right now! Get ready for fresh experiences in this city. It invites you.

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