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Montpellier is a city near the couth coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea and is the capital of the Herault department. The city is located in the Occitanie region with the population of 650,000. The city is mainly inhabitated by students studying in the higher education institutions. The history of montpellier goes back to 1000 years with a mix of modern and ancient architecture. These buildings are designed by Ricardo Bofill, Jean Nouvel and Zaha Hadia

Montpellier has many medieval streets that reflects its proud past. Places like Rue de la Valfere, Rue du Bras de Fer, Rue de L'Argenterie will give you the glimpse of old time. You can roam around these narrow streets and enjoy the architecture. It also has many huge, luminous courtyards with beautiful surrounding. The city has around 80 private mansions that were built in classical period. The place de la Comedie, is Montpellier centre and top place to visit. One famously known as Place de I'Oeuf, Egg Square, because of its shape is one of the largest pedestrian place in Europe with Opera Comedy. You can also find a fountain and statue that were built in 1773.

The trip to Montpellier is incomplete without tasting the food here. The city hosts 3 Michellin star restaurants that adds exciting and delightful taste to the city that you can also smell while through stolling through the market. Languedoc and Gres de Montpellier wines are famous wines from the wine cellars in Montpellier and estates like Chateau de Flaugergues and the Chateau de I'Engarran. You can also enjoy shopping in the boutiques decorated with vaulted ceilings and visit designers. You can enjoy art at Carre Ste Anne, Galerie St Ravy to enjoy the historical past.

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