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Montevideo is the capital and principal city that lies on the northern shore of the Río de la Plata estuary. It is the capital of Uruguay and the largest with over 1.3 million inhabitants.  As the capital city of the country, the city of Montevideo is the financial and political centre of Uruguay.  

Historic and modern aspects go hand-in-hand in Montevideo. The city’s old town is home to many historical buildings and architectural structures, taking you back to a century ago with its cultural heritage. There are a great number of places in the city worth visiting. The most popular of these are Chippewa City Historical Park, Swensson Farm Museum, Fort Renville, Lac Qui Parle Mission, Camp Release, Jose Artigas Plaza, and Fort Renville, all of which are sure to impress you. 

Summer is the best season to visit Montevideo. The city is famous for its sandy beaches, including Carrasco Beach, Playa Verde, Pocitos Beach, Honda Beach, Ramirez Beach, Playa de los Ingleses, Playa del Buceo, and Malvín Beach, which is the most preferred beach in the city. 

Along with the beautiful beaches, Montevideo is also known for its remarkable events and festivals. White Night, Las Llamadas, Jazz to the Streets, Iemanjá, Natalicio de Artigas, Epiphany, Dia de Muertos, Milk Festival, and Candlemas are the most known festivals of the city. There is no limit when it comes to nightlife. El Pony Pisador, Tango Bar El Hacha, Café Bar Tabaré, Bar Andorra, Intramuros Underbar, La Hacienda, W Lounge, and Hot Club Montevideo are the best spots where you can have unforgettable moments during your visit.

With all its beauty, Montevideo will offer you a great trip experience. What are you waiting for? Get en route to Montevideo

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