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Memmingen is a beautiful town in the state of Bavaria in Germany, located in Swabia, which is a cultural and historic region in south-western Germany. Memmingen is the economic and administrative centre of the Danube-Iller Region. Because of its proximity to the Allgäu Region, it is also a very popular destination for tourists from Europe. Memmingen is a small historic town with approximately 50.000 inhabitants.

Memmingen appeals to many people with its cultural heritage. Therefore, it offers a great number of attractions for culture lovers. With these attractions, the town welcomes thousands of visitors yearly. In the town, the most visited place is the medieval old town. If you are a culture lover, you should definitely see the following places: Medieval City Gates and Towers, Antonierkloster, Kreuzherrenloster, and St. Martin’s Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Swabia. In addition, the Marktplatz is one of the most attractive places in the town. It is the busiest shopping street in the town with some restaurants and shops.

Festivals and some special celebrations held at specific times of the year contribute greatly to the range of attractions of Memmingen. The most popular event is Wallenstein Festival, which is Europe’s biggest history festival. Along with this colourful event, the Day of the Fisherman, the Annual Fair and the Christmas Market are also famous across the country.

Memmingen has a wide range of attractions for nature lovers. If you are one of those, the following places are worth-seeing for sure: Memmingen Stadtpark Neue Welt, Grünanlage, Reichshain Park, Grimmelschanze Park, LGS Park, Camping Iller, Holzsteg an der Ach, and  Kleingartenverein Memmingen. A soul-refreshing walk in Memmingen will surely help you relax. Memmingen’s beautiful parks and gardens are ideal places for a nice trip.

There are many some stylish restaurants in the town serving a great variety of extraordinary dishes. Zur Blauen Traube, Tanivera and Moritz are among the best restaurants in the town. Besides these elegant restaurants, the town of Memmingen is also the centre of attention with bars and night clubs, such as Münchner Kindi, Barium, Kaminwerk, M1, and Five Club.

Memmingen is a great town full of mysteries waiting to be unlocked. With the nature awakening, spring is the best time to visit the town. Get ready for new experiences in the beautiful town of Memmingen.

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