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Manchester is one of the most famous metropolitan cities in England with an approximate population of 2.8 million people. It is the second most populous city in England. The city is manytimes overshadowed by London but it is as an excellent alternative and a perfect getaway for cultural experience. The city is well-connected with airport, trams, and city centre buses. There is abundance of museums, theatres, cafes, art galleries, and many interesting attractions. Manchester is famous for its culinary quirks, cultural richness, hospitality, home of football,and diverse range of alcholic beverages. 

According to historcial archives the city settlement appeared during Roman era in 79 AD that was developed on a sandstone near the Medlock and Irwell river. The city has historically been part of Lancashire but later it was separated into separate region. During the Middle Ages, the city remained as a town and expanded to great extent in 19th century. The boom in population was mainly due to the Industrial Revolution in the textile manufacturing business. It became one of the first industralized city of the new world. The city was greatly affected during the World War that led extensive damage to the city. 

Manchester is famous for its humble worker-bee symbol. It is a city of trade, ships, and labour with the honey-coloured stone buildings. The city was once famous industrial spot with many factories. During early 19th centuries most of the building were covered with black soot but with the pressure washer technology most of the city corner were restored to its former grandeur. There is impressive architect all around the city. One such spot is the Manchester Town HallJohn Rylands Library, and Media city. These buildings are both modern and antique thus giving an excellent reflection of cultural richness. 

Manchester is also with history buff with the presence of the Museum of Science and Industry. The Museum is resting place of Time Peake's space shuttle that is placed on the entrance of the museum. It is famous for displaying interactive displays, well-curated attractions. The Pankhurst Centre is another famous place that is a working community centre and birth place of Suffragate movement. There is also a small museum that is dedicated to the votes for the Women movement led by Emmeline Pankhurst. Similarly, Elizabeth Gaskell is another nod to the Manchester history. This home-turned museum is dedicated to 19th century author. It gives a lavis outlook of the Manchester city that is different from the Industrialized version of the city. 

If you want to enjoy the cultural richness of the city. then you should head towards DogBowl, or Royal Exchange for muscial or theatrical evenings, renovated Baths  for sippong Gins supporting events all around the year. It also has cat cafes along the canal street and famous LGBTQ quarter serving flavours from restaurants all across the world. It is also famous hub of live music and night life. There are world class pub entertaintment, and live music venues that operate till late night. The city welcomes everyone with open arms and that is why you will find many immigrants living together peacefully. 

Manchester truly provides stories from steel work to the suffragettes and has been shaped by the spirit of its people. Every corner of the city provides an untold story with limitless diversity and fascination attracting thousands of tourists from around the world. Get ready to enjoy experience in this culturally diverse city. If you want to learn more about the city, let us know! 

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