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The city of Manama lies along the north-east coast of Bahrain Island, in the Persian Gulf. The city is one of the important commercial centres of the region. It is the capital and largest city of the country with approximately 160.000 inhabitants. It is also a significant financial hub in the Middle East. Known as “the Place of Rest” or “the Place of Dreams”, Manama is one of the greatest destinations in the Middle East with its many attractions.

Regarded as the cultural centre of the country, Manama hosts many historical building and architectural structures, taking back to centuries ago with its cultural heritage, which makes Manama the centre of attention for many history and culture lovers from all around the world. There are a wide variety of places in the city worth-visiting. The most notable of these are Al Fatih Mosque, Bahrain National Museum, Bab Al Bahrain, Jai Shri Khrishna Temple, Albareh Art Gallery, Siyadi House, Al Khamis Mosque, Bahrain Fort Museum, and Arad Fort. These historical sites, all of which are sure to influence you very deeply, are considered as Manama’s main attractions. Also, Manama Souk, which is one of the busiest and most popular streets, is definitely worth-seeing. It is the best place in the city to head for clothes, souvenirs, carpets, and antiques.

The city of Manama is full of beautiful naturalistic landscapes. This city is one of the must-see places in the Middle East with its picture-perfect natural environment. If you want to feel peaceful and relaxed, Manama’s parks and gardens are ideal places for you. Remember to visit Water Garden, Andalus Garden, Marina Park, Salmania Garden, and Ornamental Garden to see the beautiful nature of the city. In addition to its parks and gardens, the city of Manama attracts attention with its sandy beaches, such as Marina Beach, Dry Dock Beach, Malkiya Beach, and Bahrain Bay Beach. For this reason, it is regarded as one of the best holiday destinations in the region.

This city is also at the forefront with its culinary culture. There are a great number of local restaurants in the centre of the city, which let you taste the country’s traditional food. If you want to try the city’s specialities, you will love the following dishes: Balaleet, Machboos, Qoozi, and Shawarma. By the way, Mirai, Masso, La Fontaine Restaurant, Teatro Downtown, Jashan Restaurant, Irish Restaurant, Coco’s, and the Meat Co are among the most popular restaurants in the city of Manama.

Manama is home to some cultural events like local festivals and big celebrations. You can feel a completely different energy in the air of Manama during the festivals. These festivals and celebrations held at specific times of the year contribute to the range of attractions of the city. The most known of these are Manama Summer Festival, Bahrain International Book Fair, Jewelry Arabia, and Autumn Fair Bahrain.

This beautiful city of Manama is definitely a must-see, waiting for you with all it has to offer from historical sites to daily life. What are you waiting for? Get ready for new experiences in Manama.

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