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Situated on the south-west coast of the island Sulawesiin the east of IndonesiaMakassar is one of the largest cities of the country with approximately 2 million inhabitants. It is the capital city of the Indonesian Province of South Sulawesi. It is also one of the most important port cities in the country. The city of Makassar is regarded as “the main cultural centre of the region” with its stunning historical sites. That’s why it is the most famous tourist destination in the province of South Sulawesi. It is a must-see city with all its beauty.

Makassar fascinates people with its fascinating museums, ancient temples, great monuments, and other historical places. It is one of the best-preserved cities in the region in terms of history and culture. There are a great number of places where you can see Makassar’s rich history, namely Fort Rotterdam, Great Mosque of Makassar, Al Fatih Al Anshar Mosque, Girinaga Temple, and The Balla Lampoa Museum. One of the oldest streets in the city, Market Square is definitely worth visiting. This square is surrounded by some historical buildings, as well as many local restaurants and cafés. Needless to say, it is always full of people.

Along with its historical importance, the city of Makassar has the power to fascinate people with its distinctive nature. It offers many options for nature lovers with its beautiful parks and pretty gardens. The most visited parks and gardens in the city are Ilham’s Makassar, Bodhi Peace Garden, Lasaran Garden, and Taman Garden, among the others. This city is also known for its charming beaches, such as Losari Beach, Tanjung Bayang Beach, and Kodingareng Keke Beach. Discover the unique nature of Makassar. Highly recommended!

Makassar is especially at the forefront with its traditional culinary culture. It is possible to try many unique tastes of Indonesia in the local restaurants of the city. The most famous dishes of Makassar are 

Pisang epe, Sop saudara, Pallubasa, Nasi kuning, and Songkolo, among many others. If you visit the city of Makassar one day, you should definitely try these tasty dishes.

Makassar is sure to impress you. It is a perfect destination for fresh experiences with the many opportunities it offers. What are you waiting for? It is time to visit the city of Makassar.

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