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Lviv is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in Ukraine. Situated in the west of Ukraine, Lviv is the cultural capital of the country. The city has a prominent role in terms of tourism. It is an attractive city with its rich history and natural beauty. It is also known as the City of Legends. This beautiful city is also the seventh most populous city in Ukraine with a population of approximately 900.000.

The city of Lviv attracts attention with its rich history and cultural heritage. From splendid castles to historic monuments, there are many impressive buildings in the city centre. By the way, the city’s historic centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you are a culture and history lover, you should definitely visit the following places: Potocki Palace, Armenian Quarter, Lychakiv Cemetery, Italian Coutyard, Dormition Cathedral, Church of Transfiguration, Church of Saint Andrew, Bandinelli Palace, and Adam Mickiewicz Monument. This great city is also rich in museums. The most excellent museums in the city are Pharmacy Museum, Museum of Ethnography and Art Craft, and Arsenal Museum. In addition, Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet is one of the most visited places in the country. This building is a bright example of the Neo-Renaissance Style in architecture. It is also regarded as the main symbol of the city. Every ancient structure in this beautiful city is full of historical spirit.

The city of Lviv has a lot to offer to nature lovers with its unusual nature. There are a great number of parks and gardens where you can see many different kinds of plants and do many interesting activities. The most notable of these are National Forestry Botanical Garden, Stryiskyi Park, Park High Castle, Ivan Franko Park, Saint George Cathedral Gardens, Dendropark Lviv, Leo Garden, Vynnykivskyi Park, and Kooperatyv Rema, all of which are definitely worth-visiting.

Lviv is home to various events, such as festivals and celebrations throughout the year. It is a 24/7 vibrant city. It draws more attention during the festivals, the most popular of which are Doughnut Festival, Pysanka Festival, Flugert L’vova International Jazz Festival and International Music Festival. Lviv Fashion Week is also very popular event in the country with its activities. In addition to these colourful events, the city has a lively nightlife. There are many bars and clubs in the city centre. Especially, Millennium Club is the most preferred bar in the city.

Regarded as the second richest cuisine in the world, Ukrainian cuisine offers you many flavours. The city of Lviv has many delicious dishes, such as Kyshka, Kovbasa and Borch. If you visit the city one day, you should definitely taste these dishes. Meanwhile, the city is a paradise for chocolate and coffee lovers. Highly recommended!

This perfect city is sure to impress you. With its amazing discoveries, Lviv is waiting for you. Get ready for new experiences. It is time to feel extraordinary beauty.

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