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Welcome to Liverpool. How well do you know the city?

Liverpool is located in the northwest of England, east of the Mersey River. It is also known as Lancashire because it is part of the Lancashire province of the UK.  It is one of the major port cities in the world, which gives it a significant role in the country’s economy and makes it a populous city with approximately 550.000 inhabitants, the majority of whom are young people.

Liverpool was granted the right to become a city by royal decision in 1880. At the time, there were relatively few prominent streets in Liverpool, namely the Bank Street, Castle Street, Whiteacre Street, Chapel Street, Dale Street, Juggler Street, and Moor Street. These historic streets are now becoming even more modern like many other cities.

The city attracts attention with its history, architecture, sports and music. It also has a great number of museums, art galleries and parks, which attract a lot of tourists who are fascinated by its magnificent views that are both nostalgic and modern.

Liverpool’s parks are particularly interesting to see. While walking in the Calderstones Park, you can see a wide variety of flowers, trees and other plants. It is a wonderful place to feel the nature and to taste traditional cuisine with cafés and restaurants.

The official language is English in Liverpool. The local people, well known for their hospitality, are very kind and friendly.

Liverpool provides a limitless diversity of fascinating attractions for visitors with its museums, parks, famous churches, art galleries and natural beauty. Some of the world’s heaviest church bells are in Liverpool. So, get ready for fresh experiences in this lovely city. If you want to learn more about it, let us know!

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