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Situated in central France, Limoges is a city in the department of Haute-Vienne in the Limousin region of France. The city lies on the banks of the Vienne River. It is a big French city with a population of approximately 150.000. This great city is famous for its porcelain.

Historic and modern aspects go hand-in-hand in Limoges. The city’s old town hosts many historical buildings and architectural structures. Known as one of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in the south of France, Saint Etienne de Limoges is a prominent landmark of Limoges with its granite covering. Another significant architectural landmark of Limoges is its splendid train station, called Gare de Limoges-Benedictins. It is regarded as one of the most attractive stations in Europe. In addition to these nice places, there are a wide range of attractions for history lovers, namely Cour du Temple, Pavillon du Verdurier, the Bishop’s Palace, and Musée National Adrien Dubouche. With its rich history and artistic heritage, Limoges is definitely worth seeing.

Limoges has a lot to offer to nature lovers with its natural beauty. There are many lovely parks and gardens where you can see beautiful landscapes. A pleasant walk in these places will surely help you feel peaceful and relaxed. You are especially advised to see Parc l’Aurence, Jardins de l’Evéché, Parc Zoo du Reynou, and Aquarium du Limousin. Discover the unique nature of Limoges. Highly recommended!

The city attracts attention with its lively nightlife. There are dozens of bars and night clubs in the city centre, such as the Bar Night Fever, Times Club, Irish Pub Limoges, Barberousse Limoges, and Majesty Club Limoges. Besides its nightlife, many events like festivals and concerts are organized at certain times of the year. There is no limit when it comes to entertainment in Limoges.

We are sure that you won’t want to go back your home once you have been to Limoges, where you will see a great deal of outstanding beauty and limitless opportunities for entertainment. Get ready for breathtaking experiences in the city of Limoges.

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