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Lille is a city on the northern tip of France located on the Deule River nearing the border of Belgium. It is capital of Hauts-de-Franceregion and the main city of the European Metropolis of Lille. It also said to be the heart of of the triangle that links three major European metropoles - London, Paris, and Brussels making it one of the most accessible locations for weekend getaways. It is also one of the city that boasts as the world's first driverless metro system that has been operational since 1983. 

Lille is famous for its extensive array of beautifully manicured parks adn gardens with some of the favourties like the Bois de Boulogne and the Jardin Vauban. It also has Parc Zoologique, a free zoo near the city centre with more than 70 different species of animals. It also has renowned for summer markets, festivals and concerts. One of the most happening events is the Braderie de Lille, the largest flea market in Europe. The Braderie de Lille is an annual tradition that dates back to the 12th century and attracts around two million tourist every year. 

In recent times, Lille has become a centre of industrial activities like the manufacture of textiles, machinery and chemicals, and food processing. There has been additon of few industries like electronics and information technology. Lille plays an important role as regional service and administrative centre. It is home of several universities, number of hospitals and research centre specializing in medicine and electronics. 

The old town of Lille also called as Veux is one of the most picturesque neighborhood. You can find the narrow, cobblestoned streets, medieval structures, red bricked buildings and brightly painted facades. It is one of the most famous city for Architecture buffs and they can explore the old town by guided walking tours. Lille's Palais des Beaux Arts is also second largest museum after the Lourve. It has collections that includes works of artists like Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin, Eudene Delacroix, Pablo Picasso and many more. 

It is also leading Fashion hub for clothing and technical Textiles. Lile has become hub for upcoming designers. In recent year Maison de Mode in the south of the city.  It has produced talented people who have skills in jewelry, fashion and handbag designs. Apart from that you can also enjoy traditional Flemish cuisine by booking table trendy restaurant like Bloempot owned by Florent Ladeyn. For a more gastronomic dining experience by experiencing food at La Table one of the Michelin star. 

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