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Situated in the southern part of the North German Plain, Leipzig is a metropolitan city in the Saxony Region. It is the most populous city of the region with more than 580.000 inhabitants. The city of Leipzig is the cultural centre of the region, offering interesting sights. Located on two major trade routes, Leipzig is known as the city of trade and fairs. It is also the liveliest city in Saxony with a great number of attractions. This city is also regarded as Little Paris of Germany.

The city of Leipzig is one of the most popular destinations in Germany in terms of tourism. It is divided into two parts: Old City and Modern City. There are a great number of historical and cultural structures in the Old City, so it would be a perfect way to start exploring Leipzig. This great German city attracts attention with magnificent monuments, fascinating museums, excellent cathedrals, and splendid castles. There are a great many places to visit in the city, including Napoleonstein, Albrecht Daniel Thaer Denkmal, Museum of City History Leipzig, Gohlis Palace, Old Exchange, St. Thomas Church, Bach Museum, and Stasi U-Haftanstalt. Each of these places will give you a great chance to explore Leipzig’s rich history.

Leipzig is also a sheer heaven with its lovely parks and botanical gardens, such as Johanna Park, Clara-Zetkin Park, Friedenspark, Schonauer Park, Rosental, Arthur-Bretschneider Park, Klangberg-Probstheida, Trimm dich Pfad, Pavillon im Palmengarten, and Neue Linie. That’s why the city of Leipzig is one of the most visited cities in the country with its distinctive nature. The city’s natural beauty offers you a memorable trip. You are sure to feel the unique nature of the city.

Leipzig is always lively. The city’s street of bars is full of people all night long. Called Markt Square, this street is undoubtedly the centre of the attention at night. Nachtcafe, Spizz, and Moritzbastei are among the most popular places in the city centre. Leipzig is also a hub for tasty dishes. The most famous food in the city is Currywurst. In addition, Black Forest Cake is the most delicious dessert, definitely worth trying.

Leipzig is also home to some remarkable events. It has some of the world’s most interesting trade shows. The city of Leipzig also draws attention with its local festivals, such as Richard Wagner Festival, Leipzig Bach Fest, Mendelssohn Festival, Schumann Festival, and A Cappella Festival.

Leipzig is sure to impress you with its limitless beauty. It is a perfect destination for exciting experiences. The city of Leipzig invites you. So, what are you waiting for?

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