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Northern Lefkosia is the capital and largest city of Northern Cyprus. It is one of the most beautiful cities with approximately 85.000 inhabitants. It is located on the banks of the River Pedios, near the centre of Mesaoria Plain. This city is the main business centre of the beautiful island of Cyprus. It is also regarded as the administrative and political centre of Northern Cyprus. This great city is among the must-see places in Europe with limitless attractions.

With the many attractions, the city of Lefkosia offers to people of all ages, it welcomes thousands of tourists every year, who prefer Lefkosia to have a great time with their family and friends. Festivals and some special celebrations held at specific times of the year contribute greatly to the range of attractions of the city. The most notable of these are Lefkosia Theatre Festival, International Gonyeli Festival, and Whirling Dervish Shows. If you are in Lefkosia during these festivals, you won’t regret taking part in them. Besides its colourful events, the city of Lefkosia is very popular for its vivid nightlife. It is alive day and night. However, the city’s bars and clubs are surely the centre of attention at nights. The most known bars and night clubs in the city are Cafe No:3, Hoi Polloi, Tezgah, Ozerlat, Luna, and Corner Pub, among the others.

The city of Lefkosia is also famous for its culinary culture coupled with its entertainment facilities. In fact, it is called as the wonderful food city of Northern Cyprus. It has delicious dishes, such as Molhiya, Musakka, and Skewered. The city of Lefkosia is also home to some stylish restaurants like Califorian, Meatballs, Great Inn, and Ezic. By the way, Dereboyu Street and Taskinkoy District are especially known for their elegant restaurants and cafés.

Lefkosia offers a wide range of attractions to a great number of people from all over the world with various interests; for example Selimiye Mosque, Kyrenia Gate, the Great Inn, the Great Turkish Bath, Dervish Pasha’s House, Lapidary Museum, Mevlevi Tekke, Arabahmet Mosque, and Kizilbas Church are among the places to see for history and culture lovers. Nature lovers, on the other hand, should not miss Republic Park and Lefkosia City Park & Garden. This perfect is a beautiful destination for both culture and nature lovers with its special attractions. In addition to these places, do not leave the city without visiting Ataturk Square, which is known as the main street of the city, and Dereboyu Street, which is the busiest shopping street of the city. The city of Lefkosia is sure to fascinate you with its stunning historical sites and sheer beauty.

Lefkosia is waiting for you right now! This beautiful city guarantees an unforgettable trip with all its beauty. It is very attractive all year around. Get ready for fresh experiences in the city. Get en route to the city of Lefkosia.

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