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Leeds is situated in the north of the UK. It is named after the Forest of Loidis. It is a large city with an area of 551 square kilometres and approximately 800.000 inhabitants. In addition to its large population, Leeds also has fertile soil giving the city agricultural prominence. A great part of the population is engaged in agriculture.

Leeds has a vital place in the national economy. This industrial city hosts many major companies and international institutions. Therefore, it is a highly developed city in terms of commerce.

Besides being the industrial centre of England, Leeds attracts attention with its history and architecture. Leeds is becoming more and more modern whilst maintaining its historic attributes. You can see this unique combination of history and modernism in every street.

Leeds is divided into nine parts, namely Leeds Centre, Headingley, Chapel Allerton, Roundhay, North East Leeds, North West Leeds, West Leeds, South Leeds, and East Leeds. Among these, Headingley is the most popular one.

With its natural beauty, parks, galleries, famous restaurants and historical places, Leeds attracts thousands of tourists every year. The unique nature of the city is what appeals to people, among many others. The local people are known for their hospitality and friendliness.

Let peace of nature motivate you. England’s historic streets are waiting for you. Get ready for breathtaking experiences in this mysterious city.

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