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Larnaca is an attractive city situated on the southern coast of Cyprus. It is the island’s third-largest city with more than 85.000 inhabitants after Nicosia and Limassol. It is one of the most significant port cities on the island of Cyprus. This perfect city is known as “the Town of Beauty” thanks to its picture-perfect natural environment. It is also one the most preferred tourist destinations in the region with different kinds of attractions.

Larnaca has always been an important city on the island of Cyprus. It is a beautiful city built on the ruins of ancient Citium. For this reason, it is called the oldest city of the island. It appeals a great number of people with its impressive historical structures. There are a great deal of places in the city worth-visiting, namely Saint Lazarus Church, Kamares Aqueduct, Ancient Kition, Choirokoita, Djami Kebir Mosque, and Stavrovouni Monastery. These places are regarded as the famous landmarks of the city. All of these places will give you a chance to explore Larnaca’s culture and history.

The city of Larnaca is known for golden beaches beautifully surrounded by palm trees. It offers a wide variety of fine beaches at different locations in the city, each of which has its own unique identity. That’s why this city is the centre of attention for many people from all over the world. Cessac Beach, Lenios Beach, Yanathes Beach, Mazatos Beach, Finikoudes Beach, Faros Beach, and Mackenzie Beach are the perfect destinations for holiday-makers. These beaches are also popular with parties and interesting sport activities.

The great city well known for stunning beaches and palm trees, Larnaca also draws attention with its unusual nature. It is home to many lovely parks and pretty gardens, including Patticheio, Kameiros Park, Garden of Peace, and Camel Park. Besides its parks and gardens, this perfect city is widely famous for its picturesque villages, such as Athienou, Livadia, Pyla, Voroklini, and Zygi. If you are a nature lover, the city’s villages are great places for you. You should definitely visit these pretty villages to feel relaxed and peaceful.

Larnaca has an interesting mix of festivals and celebrations. From special celebrations to annual festivals, it is always an active city. Larnaca Summer Festival, the Flood Festival, Flower Festival, Epiphany, and Larnaca Carnival are the most popular events of the city. Larnaca’s entertainment facilities are not limited to its festivals. It is also at the forefront with its lively nightlife. The city of Larnaca provides an inexhaustible list of nightlife, ranging from bars to night clubs. Blue Pine Bar, Preserve, Meeting Pub, DSTRKT, Joy Downtown, Seagull, Mazzo, Blok Bar, Tudor Inn, and Angels Club are the most famous bars and clubs of the city. By the way, you should definitely try the fruit cocktails of Larnaca if you visit these places.

Larnaca is a must-see city, waiting for you with all it has to offer from beautiful beaches to vivid nightlife. What are you waiting for? Get ready for a perfect day in Larnaca. It is time to feel sheer beauty.

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