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Lanzarote is a Spanish Island located in northermost Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The city is close to north coast of Africa and Iberian Peninsula. It is fourth largest of the islands in the archipelago with around 200,000 people inhabitating the place. The place is declared as biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in 1932. The island was named by cartographer Angelino Dulcert and the named after Genoese navigator Lancelotto Malocello.The name of the island is in native language that literally means "one that is all ochre". The island is a place with a unique amalgamation of nature and art. Lanzarote leaves a mark on your soul through its hospitality, cuisine and its unique natural beauty. The influence is famously known as Lanzarote Effect.

The history of Lanzarote has rich cultural heritage associated with it. Island and the people have adapted to harsh volcanic landscape. The geographical landscape has made the ash field as a best place for agriculture. All this natural volcanic landscape is surrounding the development on the island. Adjacent to the the volcanic landscape are the volcanic caves, is the beaches of golden sand with transparent waters. The Parque Nacional Timanfaya is one of the greatest tourist attraction. It is integrated in the Cabildo de Lanzarote's Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism. The unique spaces were created by Cesar Manrique and the philosophy was based on sustainability. 

One of the great way to get familiar with the island is to visit the wineries and wine cellers. Try the Malvasia wine that get their own taste mainly from the ashes and the landscape that are brewed in spring. Lanzarote beaches are unique captivating sights attracting many tourists. The place provides fantastic opportunities to enjoy water sports, boat trips and many other activities available all round the year.

Lanzarote is an island that has many hidden corners igniting curiousity for exploration. You can explore and discover the full essence and effect of Lanzarote. From Plaza de San Roque to Parque Jose Ramirez Cerda that are attracting people from all around the World. Another gem is from the coastline of the Risco de Famara (the Famara cliffs) in the Chinijo Archipelago. There golden beaches with sandy ochre canvas and turquoise sea. The island is perfect for tranquility and enjoying the secluded beaches. Another gem is LA Graciosa that has no asphalted roads and the least explored serene places in the Canary Islands.

Lanzarote's cultural and gastronomy stands out for their simplicity that are developed and processed with natural ingredients. One of the famous dishes is cooked on huge grill placed in the Islote de Hilario volcano. The Canary Islands is influenced by multitude of cultural influences that is visible in its cuisine. The same can be said about the night life that you can enjoy at the place which was once the home of Omar Sharif. 

So, get ready for fresh experiences in this lovely city. If you want to learn more about it, let us know!

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