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The city of Kuching is located on the island of Borneo, in the east of Malaysia. It is the capital city of Sarawak State. It is also one of the largest cities of the country with approximately 600.000 inhabitants. The city of Kuching is one of the oldest cities in the country and regarded as “the cultural town of Borneo” with its rich history and artistic heritage.  In addition, it is among the most visited tourist destinations in Malaysia with its speacial attractions. For this reason, this city contributes greatly to the country especially in terms of tourism.

Kuching fascinates visitors with its excellent museums, great monuments, ancient temples, and other historical structures. It is one of the best-preserved cities in the region in terms of history and culture. There are a great number of places where you can see Kuching’s rich history, namely Tua Pek Kong Temple, Sarawak Cultural Village, Sarawak State Museum, Chinese History Museum, Fort Margherita, and Jamek Mosque. Along with these great places, Darul Hana Bridge, also called Golden Bridge, is one of the must-see places in the centre of the city. It is considered as the main symbol of Kuching with its stunning view.

With its varied architectural styles, the city of Kuching offers you all the best in one package. You will see imaginative works of architecture in each street. By the way, there are many famous streets in the city which are both modern and historic. These streets are great places to explore the city’s history and culture. In particular, The Main Bazaar of Kuching is definitely worth visiting for history and culture lovers. Highly recommended!

Kuching also has the potential to fascinate people with its sheer beauty. It offers a wide range of options for nature lovers. It is one of the greenest cities in the country with its extraordinary parks and botanical gardens, including Bako National Park, Orchid Park Kuching, Green Nature Park, Hui Sing Park, Pitcher Plant Garden, and Pustaka Negeri Sarawak Park.

The city of Kuching is the centre of attention with its food specialities. There are a wide variety of local restaurants and cafés in almost every street of the city. It is possibble to try many unique tastes of the country in these restaurants and cafés. The most famous dishes of the city are Umei, Mee Sapi, Manok Pansoh, Midin, and Nasik Aruk. If you visit Kuching one day, you should definitely try the city’s local dishes.

Known as the vibrant capital of Sarawak, the city of Kuching is home to remarkable events. This great city has some of the country’s most fascinating local shows, festivals, and celebrations. The most notable of these are Rainforest World Music Festival and Borneo Cultural Festival. These festivals are among the biggest events in the country with interesting activities.

Kuching is one of the leading cities in Malaysia when it comes to entertainment. It has wonderful nightlife with countless possibilities. There are a great number of lively bars and night clubs in the city centre of Kuching, namely Drunk Monkey, Monkee Bar, Borneo Redneck’s Bar, Speak Eazy, Pincho Loco, Havana Bar, The Wayang, Bear Garden, and Magazzino.

Kuching is one of the best destinations in the country with many star attractions. What are you waiting for? It is time to visit the city of Kuching. It invites you!

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