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Konya is a major city on the south-western region of the Central Anatolian Plateau. It is one of the economically and industrially advanced cities of Turkey. It was known as Iconium in Roman times. It is one of the oldest inhabited cities. Konya served as the capital of Seljuk Turk in the 12th century. 

Konya serves as a cultural, religious, political and spiritual hub. Famous mystic Whirling Dervishes were formed by Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi. This place is also the resting place of Mevlana. One of the quarters of Mevlana Museum was converted into a museum housing manuscript of Mevlana's work and various artifact from mysticism sect. Every December, a ceremony is held here to celebrate this linkage with whirling dances and fascinating performances. 

History of Konya goes back to the medieval period, that is to copper age. It was part of the Greek Empire famously known as Konio meaning Iconium in Latin. Evidence from excavation dates back to 3000 BC and was under the domain of Hittite around 1500 BC and later under the Phrygians. It was also ruled by famous Alexander the Great, kings of Pergamon, Roman Empire, the Seljuks, and the Ottoman.

Apart from its association with Mevlana Rumi, it is also known for Alaeddin Mosque, Ince Minareli Madrasah built in the 12th century by Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin. Adjacent to the mosque and the Seljuk Imperial Palace. lies Karatay Madrasah museum showcasing bolding ceramics. Some other famous works include the Sircali Madrasah, the Sahip Ata Complex, and Konya Archaeological Museum are few places to satisfy curious minds.

Konya is also near Sille with the famous Byzantine Aya Eleni church and many rock chapels decorated with frescoes. Aksehir is another historical place northwest to Konya that is the birthplace and mausoleum of Nasreddin Hodja dating back to the 13th century. Another monument in the city is Ulu Mosque and Altinkale Mescidi that are worth seeing museums. Lake Beysehir National Park is one of the famous places in the southwestern region. It is the third-largest lake in Turkey with a pristine wilderness. 

Konya is an agricultural zone of Turkey that has evolved as the main center for the manufacturing of automotive industry, machinery manufacturing, agricultural tools, chemicals, paper, textile, and leather industry. Modern Konya has orchards, gardens, and monuments. The city itself is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains with extended cultivated land for wheat and cotton crops. It attracts both Muslims and Christian tourists for both tourist and religious purposes. 

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