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Kingston is situated in the south of Jamaica and is the capital city of the country. 1,041,084 people live in Kingston, a port city. This number is half the population of Jamaica. Kingston is Jamaica's largest economic resource. It is a capital city, a touristic city and home to the headquarters of big companies. Spread over an area of 480 km2, Kingston consists of two central districts: the historic City Center and New Kingston.

Kingston has many parks that host various events. The most popular parks are Liberation ParkHope GardensNational Heroes ParkSt William Grant Park and Mandela Park. Hope Gardens is perhaps the most fascinating of these. The Royal Botanical Gardens of Hope, popularly known as Hope Gardens, is an attraction with its beauty and endemic species. Besides charming gardens, it has a zoo called Hope Gardens Zoo.

Art galleries, energetic nightlife, historic buildings, charming beaches and warm people are all excellent reasons to visit Kingston. We can say that Jamaica's heartbeats in Kingston. There are many places to see in Kingston. You can start exploring the city by visiting the Bob Marley Museum, which Bob Marley used as his studio. Devon House, Liberty Hall, Port Royal should be among your routes.

Kingston has a very rich cuisine influenced by many cultures. Goat with curry sauce, the most famous dish in the country, fascinates those who eat it. Red bean soupbeef tail soup and chicken with hot sauce are among the tastes you should try. Those who want to taste local flavours should visit the Hot Pot. You will never forget the taste of different condiments and spices on your palate. Our breakfast place recommendation for those who want to start the day with Kingston flavours is Sonya's Homestyle Cooking.

Kingston offers people a lively nightlife. There are naturally many reggae clubs in the city where Bob Marley lived for a long time. Redbones Blues Cafe will make your night more beautiful with its cocktails and homemade delicacies. Those who want to catch the reggae fever should visit Kingston Dub Club. If you want to spend your night in a stylish place, your choice should be CRU Bar and Kitchen. In addition, three festivals are held in Kingston. The first is Bob Marley Week, the second is Jamaica Carnival, and the third is Kingston Restaurant Week.

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