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Jeju is a beautiful city located on Jejudo Island, also known as the "Island of the Gods," on the southern coast of South Korea. The city of Jeju is also known as the Hawaii of Korea. Over than 700.000 habitants, Jeju City is the capital of Jeju Province. This island city is famous for its beaches, volcanic landscape of craters, and biosphere reserve. This marvellous island has amazing views of nature and a great number of excursions such as visiting galleries, science museums, theme parks, and folk parks. 

Jeju is home to a great number of fascinating attractions. There are many magnificent places in the country where you can have enjoyable times. A trip to Hallasan Mountain, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Seopjikoji, Manjanggul Cave, Udo Island, The Chuja Islands, Jeju National Museum, Seongeup Folk Village, Jeju Olle Trail, Hueree Natural Park is the best activity on the island. 

Owing to its being a touristy city, the city’s nightlife is also dynamic. There is a main tourist district called ‘’ Tap-dong St.‘’, which is near Jeju port. The street offers various things to do such as having a late dinner, shopping, or just walk along the street. The bars and restaurants are open until the first lights of the morning. Monkey Beach, "What the H" Bar, Gekko's Bar, The Cave - Wine Bar and Shop, and Spinning Wolf are some bar and night club recommendations.

Despite being such a small island, it has a great number of unique and special traditional foods. The island’s visitors add ‘’the culinary tour’’ to their itineraries. Here are must-eat local tastes of the island: Heuk Dwaeji (Jeju Black Pork), Haemultang (Seafood Hot Pot Stew), Fresh Abalone (Rice porridge, Stone hot pot, grilled abalone, slices of raw abalone), Fresh Seafood Platter from Haenyeos (octopus, sea urchins, sea cucumber, and others shellfish), Kimbap (Korean Rice Roll), Guksu (Korean Noodles), Peanut Ice Cream, Seafood Ramen, and Galchi Jorim (Hairtail Fish Soup).

It will be a nice experience to visit Jeju. You will see a great deal of outstanding beauty in Jeju Island, so do not miss any of it. Get ready for fresh experiences in Jeju. It invites you on a memorable trip. 

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