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Jeddah, also called Jiddah, is a beautiful city situated in the Hejaz Region of Saudi Arabia, in the west of the country, along the Red Sea. The city of Jeddah is known as “the bride of the Red Sea” because of its geographical location. It is the second-largest city of Saudi Arabia with a population of 4 million. It is one of the most important coastal cities in the country. That’s why the city of Jeddah is regarded as the tourism and economic capital of Saudi Arabia. This great city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with many star attractions.

Jeddah is known for the breathtaking scenery of its beaches. There are a great number of golden beaches in the city, the most notable of which are Silver Sands Beach, Indigo Beach, Al-Saif Beach, Obhur Beach, and Jeddah Saudi Arabia Beach. The city of Jeddah is also home to Jeddah Corniche, which is the largest waterfront area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a wide range of luxurious hotels, charming beaches, and coastal resorts. It is definitely worth-seeing.

Jeddah fascinates many people from all over the world with its natural beauty. The city of Jeddah is the best destination for nature lovers with its extraordinary parks and beautiful gardens. You are advised to visit Tihama Park, Rawdah Garden, Safa Park, and Jeddah Park & Garden.

Jeddah is one of the vibrant cities in the region of Hejaz. It has managed to maintain its historic texture for many years, so the city is a historic paradise for history and culture lovers. The city of Jeddah is well known for its old town, called Al-Balad. This old town has historical places, such as ancient buildings and traditional bazaars. The most popular historical places in Al-Balad are Souq al-Alawi, which is a traditional bazaar situated in the heart of the old city, and Naseef House, which is also known as the cultural centre of the old town. Al-Balad, the main tourist destination in Jeddah, is definitely worth visiting. There are also various places where you can see the city’s colourful history, including Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum, Bab Jadid, Al-Jaffali Mosque, the Floating Mosque, and Athr Gallery.

Jeddah is sure to impress you with its culinary culture. You can taste the most delicious traditional Arab dishes in this great city. The most famous food specialities of the city are Kabsa, Matazeez, and Madfoon. By the way, Al Sharq, Al Ferdaus, Ginza Chome Restaurant, Le Ciel, and Layla’s Gourmet are among the best restaurants in the city of Jeddah.

Jeddah is a must-see city, waiting for you with all it hast to offer from charming beaches to tasty dishes. What are you waiting for? Get ready for breathtaking experiences. The city of Jeddah invites you on a memorable trip.

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