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Heraklion is the capital and largest city of the island of Crete. It is the administrative center of the island. Heraklion is the fifth largest city of Greece with more than 300.000 inhabitants. This city is also known as Iraklion in the country. It is one of the most developed cities in Greece in terms of tourism. This great city offers many options to its visitors from all around the world.

Heraklion is one of the best-preserved cities in the country in terms of history and culture. Therefore, this beautiful city appeals to millions of people with its rich history and cultural heritage.  It has many historical buildings dating from the Middle Ages. There is a wide range of places in the city worth seeing, the most notable of which are Agios Titos Church, Saint Peter & Pavlou Church, Agios Petros Church, Vasiliki Agios Markos Art Gallery, Loggia, Saint George Apanosifis, Castello del Molo, the Palace of Knossos, Cathedral of Saint Minas, and Epanosifis Monastery. In addition, the city of Heraklion is rich in magnificent monuments. The most famous of these are Moni Palianis and Yuri Gagarin Monument. We are sure that you will fall in love with this beautiful Greek city.


The city of Heraklion is home to some world-famous restaurants. This city is especially famous for its delicious seafood. Pagopieion and Herb’s Garden are the most popular restaurants in the city. It is not only famous for its cuisine but also for its entertainment facilities. For example; some local festivals and special celebrations organized at certain times of the year contribute greatly to the range of attractions of Heraklion. The most notable of these are Matala Festival, Houdetsi Festival, and August 25th Celebrations. You should definitely join these festivals to feel the city atmosphere. Also, the nightlife in Heraklion is the main factor that makes the city attractive. There is no limit when it comes to all-night parties. Meanwhile, Tsikoudia and Cretan Wine are the most popular beverages in the city.


Heraklion provides a limitless diversity of beautiful attractions for nature lovers with its lovely parks and botanical gardens, such as Georgiadis Park, Unico Parque de Heraklion, Park Kazantzaki, Nearchou, and Central City Garden. By the way, summer is the best season to visit the city. Because of its location, it offers great holiday opportunities. While walking from the city center to the beach, you are sure to feel peaceful thanks to the wonderful harmony of blue and green.


In Heraklion, you will see a great deal of extraordinary beauty and have countless opportunities for entertainment. This beautiful city guarantees a memorable trip. So, get ready to discover; Heraklion is full of secrets.

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