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Taxis in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland's main city, has a well-organized and vast taxi network. Triango ensures that our customers can access dependable taxi services in Helsinki, making it easy for travelers to navigate the city's attractions, from the iconic Senate Square to the lively Market Square.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
 Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is a significant international gateway, and our collaboration with taxi services enables a seamless transfer from the airport to your accommodation. Experience the efficiency of Helsinki taxis as they transport you to and from the airport in comfort and on time. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is a major international gateway, and our collaboration with taxi services enables a seamless transfer from the airport to your accommodation. 

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Taxi in Helsinki for Smooth Travel"

Do you want to know what to do in Helsinki and how to get around easily? We've got your back. Make the most of your brief visit to the Finnish capital by taking a Helsinki taxi in the rain or snow.

Getting a cab and estimating the cost is simple now that the Finnish government has established a clear framework with taxi firms. So don't waste time carrying your bags around the subway when you could be admiring the city's wonders or relaxing in your hotel room. Take a taxi to Helsinki and explore the city at your leisure.
Helsinki Airport Taxis


The Finnish government regulates taxi pricing in Helsinki. In general, the total cost of a taxi ride is determined by two factors:
 a) the number of passengers and 
b) the distance traveled and the amount of time spent. Taxi drivers in Helsinki use a taximeter to calculate the entire fee when they arrive at their destination.

Base fare:

Taxis in Helsinki usually charge a starting cost that includes the first kilometers of the ride. Triango Travel ensures that these base tariffs are communicated transparently, giving customers an understanding of the beginning charges.

The base fare is €5.30 during the day and €8.30 at night and on weekends. The regular kilometer charge is always €1.39, however, if more than two people are present, the rate rises to €1.67. Furthermore, there is a €2 surcharge for heavy luggage goods and €2 for picking up a taxi from the airport.

How to get a Taxi in Helsinki: 
Taxis in Helsinki are not as easily grabbed as in other European cities because taxi drivers are not required to pick up people on the street. Instead, there are several cab stands distributed throughout the city, mostly near tourist attractions. They are also commonly found outside international hotels, in front of the central train station, at Tikkurila Train Station, and other significant public transportation hubs.
pre-book a cab or download a taxi app.

Normally, requesting a cab at a taxi rank is as simple as it gets. However, travelers should be aware that lineups may be fairly long on weekend nights.

Begin your taxi journey with ease by utilizing the Triango Travel platform. Our user-friendly website or mobile app allows you to book a taxi effortlessly. Log in, enter your details, and let us handle the rest.

In this instance, or during bank holidays, it is best to pre-book a cab or download a taxi app.
Bad weather may also be a concern for visitors who wish to visit during the winter or spring months. We strongly advise calling one of the local radio taxi firms or utilizing the Helsinki taxi app. This allows you to remain inside, where it is dry and warm until your driver arrives. Although this is a highly useful service, there may be additional charges for it.

Hassle-Free Ride Benefits of Booking a Helsinki Taxi in Advance 

Traveling in a different country can be stressful, especially if you are visiting a cold and restless city like Helsinki. If negotiating with local drivers or waiting for hours for the nearest cab isn't your ideal vacation, look no further! Booking your airport ride with Traingo. Welcome Pickups is a sure way to make memories in Finland without breaking the bank.

Relax and enjoy the ride as you discover Helsinki. Our taxi services prioritize both safety and comfort, ensuring that you have a pleasant ride throughout.
Save Driver Contact for Follow-Ups:

Keep the driver's contact information on hand in case you need to contact him again or if you require assistance throughout your stay in Helsinki. Our dedication to customer service guarantees that you always have a reliable point of contact.

Rebook With Ease:

If your plans change or you require additional transportation during your stay, rebooking with Triango Travel is simple. Use our site to easily modify your reservations.

Helsinki Taxi Tips:

A ride through Helsinki is a lovely experience, and to make your discovery even more enjoyable, Triango Travel has compiled a list of top taxi suggestions. These recommendations ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey across the Finnish capital, from learning local etiquette to improving your travel experience.

Know the taxi colors:
Taxis in Helsinki are easily identified by their unique yellow color. To readily identify and hail a cab on the streets, keep an eye out for these bright automobiles.

Cashless Payments:
When paying for your taxi ride, avoid using cash for a better experience. The majority of Helsinki cabs accept credit cards and smartphone payment apps, ensuring a smooth and safe payment experience.

Understand Taxi Etiquette:

While tipping is not required, it is appreciated if you round up the fare. Understanding this nuance of Finnish taxi etiquette improves your contact with the driver.

A friendly approach to thank the driver is to advise them to keep the change in their native language: "pitäkää loput!"

Learn Basic Local Phrases:
While most taxi drivers in Helsinki know English, learning a few simple Finnish phrases will help you communicate more effectively and enjoy your experience more.

Plan for Peak Hours

Keep peak hours in mind, especially during rush hours or important events. Taxis in Helsinki may charge higher rates during these times, so plan your trip appropriately.
Use taxi ranks:

When in doubt, go to designated taxi ranks in well-known sites such as transportation hubs and tourist attractions. These places provide a consistent supply of available taxis.

Keep Triango Travel's contact information on available in case you need assistance or have any questions while in Helsinki. We're here to make sure your trip goes as well as possible.

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