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Situated on the western bank of the Red River in northern VietnamHanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It is a vibrant city with more than 8 million inhabitants making it the second-largest city in the country. The city of Hanoi is the second most significant economic, political, and industrial centre of Vietnam. It is also famous for its rich culture with Chinese, Southeast Asian, and French influences and one of the major cities in the region. The city is one of the oldest capitals in the world, where the visitors can explore well-preserved ancient relics and different museums.

In terms of history, Hanoi is an ancient city with its cultural heritage and great history. The city of Hanoi is home to historical landmarks that are well-known for their stunning views. If you are a culture and history lover, you should definitely visit the following places: The Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoa Lo Prison, One Pillar Pagoda, Truc Lam An Tam Zen Monastery, St. Joseph's Cathedral, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Chua Tran Quoc, Perfume Pagoda, Do Temple, Ngoc Son Temple, V'ancient, Tortoise Tower, and Cổ Loa Citadel

If you love tasting different local tastes, there is a lot to experience in the city of Hanoi. You are advised to try Cha Ca (Turmeric Fish with Dill), Mien Xao Luon (Glass Noodles with Deep-Fried Eel), Bun Thang (Rice Vermicelli with Chicken, Egg, Pork), Banh cuon (Rolled Cake), Banh Goi (Fried Dumplings), Xoi Xeo (Sweet Sticky Rice), Pho Xao (Stir-Fried Pho), Nem Chua Be (Crab Rolls), Bun Rieu (Rice Noodles in Tomato Broth), Phở trộn (Salt, Ginger, Pepper, Garlic, Lime Juice, and Five Spice Powder), Egg Coffee, Bánh tôm (Julienned Sweet Potatoes and Shrimp), Phở cuốn (Stir-fried Beef, Garlic, Ginger, Pepper, Onions, Lettuce, and Herbs), Bia hoi Hanoi (Beer Hanoi), and Chè (Vietnamese Sweet Dessert Soup). The visitors can find these dishes at stylish restaurants, and cafés such as Sen 60 Ly Thai, KOTO, Green Tangerine, Quan An Ngon, Xuan Xuan, La Verticale, The Hung Snake Restaurant, Cloud Nine Restaurant, and Mam Com Viet Restaurant. These bright restaurants are always full of people. Highly recommended!

Hanoi is one of the most remarkable cities in Asia with its marvellous natural sites. The most known attractions are Lake of the Restored Sword (Hoan Kiem Lake), Hạ Long Bay, Paradise Cave, Son Doong Cave, Phong Nha Caves, Hang Toi (Dark Cave), Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, and Bai Tu Long Bay. If you are in Hanoi, you must consider these natural sites around Hanoi and add them to your visit list. 

The city of Hanoi is an excellent destination in the country with nightlife facilities. The city’s nightlife a wide variety of interesting things to see and places to go after the sunset. The city’s bars, cafes and nightclubs are mostly set around Hoan Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter part of the city, where you can enjoy the locals. Bia Hoi Junction, Water Puppet Theatre, Binh Minh’s Jazz Club, The Bank Hanoi, Hanoi Press Club, Vietnam Central Circus, Hanoi Opera House, Legend Beer, Dragonfly Bar Lounge, Apocalypse Now, and Bia Hoi 68 Hang Quat are among the most preferred bars, clubs, and other activities of the city. 

The attractions of this wonderous city never end. The city of Hanoi is also attractive thanks to its local festivals and events. Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year), Hue Festival, Perfume Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Hung King Temple Festival, Lim Festival, Wandering Souls Day, Hoi An Lantern Festival, Buddha’s Birthday, and Phu Giay Festival are the most known local fairs and feasts.

Hanoi is waiting for you with many star attractions. Get ready for new experiences in the city of Hanoi. It awaits you!

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