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Located in the northwest of ItalyGenoa is the capital city of the Italian region of Liguria. It is the sixth largest city in Italy. It is also one of the most important port cities in Italy, surrounded by the mountains behind and the sea. Genoa is a metropolitan city with more than 600.000 inhabitants. This city is also known as La Superba in Italy. The most prominent feature that makes the city attractive is that Christopher Columbus, explorer of America, was born in Genoa.

Genoa, which was selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2004 with its art, gastronomy and architecture, has a rich history and artistic heritage, dating back to ancient times. Genoa hosts a great number of historical buildings and structures, from magnificent castles to great monuments, the most notable of which are Via Garibaldi, Le Strade Nuove, Chistopher Columbus House, Palazzo Balbi Senarega, Palazzo San Giorgio, Pazza De Ferrari, and Cathedrale Genoa, among many others. Besides these places, the most known landmark of the city is The Old Town, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

This perfect city is a paradise for nature lovers. If you want to feel peaceful and relaxed, Genoa’s parks and gardens are the ones to visit, of which we definitely advise Villa Durazzo Pallavicini, Parc Nervi, Monte Fasce, Scalinata delle Tre Caravelle, Monti Pegge, Giardini di Villa Rosazza, Villa Imperiale, Villa Rossi Martini, and Orto Botanico Genoa. This city will fascinate you with its natural beauty and warm atmosphere.

Genoa also offers a wide range of attractions to many people with its entertainment facilities. It is home to some cultural festivals, during which the city attracts even more visitors. The most popular of these are Genoa International Music Festival, Supernova Festival, and Festival of Circus Art, among others. In addition, the city is a quite impressive city with its golden beaches, such as Swimming Cetacea, Vernazzola Beach, Bagni Doria, and Bagni Europa.

The city of Genoa is very beautiful all year around. Thanks to its attractions, the city will be an unforgettable trip for you. Do all you can to explore every corner of the city of Genoa. It is time to feel endless beauty.

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