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Fuerteventura is one of the famous capital of Canary Islands located in Atlantic Ocean. The area is in North Africa region but is ruled by Spain. It is second largest island after Tenerife that is inhabitated by 113,275. Fuerteventura has been declared as biosphere reserve by UNESCO. With over 150 km of white sand beaches in Fuerteventura makes you feel like you are in paradice. The coast and the spectacular landscape is one reason that makes the place a Biosphere Reserve and best for the raw aesthetics of the scenery. 

The second largest island in the archipelago, Fuerteventura that has sunshine year-round and is considered as one the biggest and best beaches in the Canary. The island is the easternmost of the Canary Island and is near to the coast of Africa. It is often affected be the strong winds of the Sahara, bringing the sand to the beaches and creating sand dunes on the island. 

Water sports is one of the most popular activity in Fuerteventura with hundreds of surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers and divers visiting the place every year. Whether it is sky or mountain there are plenty of activities to choose from on your perfect adventure holiday.

Fuertenventura makes for a great golfing destination that provide you with an opportunity of playing golf all around the year. Some of the famous golf clubs are Mirador de Lobos Golf Club and Jandia Golf Course. Apart from beaches, one other way of discovering Fuerterventura is through hiking. Fuerteventura is a small island that is more rural than urban and has many picturesque places like Vega de Rio Palmas and Barranco de la Vega. You can also go on 16km trek to the fishing village of Ajuy on Fuerteventura west coast. Presa de las Penitas is a place that provide photographic evidence of the eye candy with great view. Another hiking track of around 3 km connect Antigua and Betancuria. You can also watch trio mountains Bermeja, La Ventosilla, and Tindaya.  Also you can take detour Mirador de Morro veloso on the Montan Tegu

Fuerteventure has a diverse culture and you can discover this by visiting the many museums in Fuerteventura. You will able to discover contemporary art, customs and traditions by visiting the quirky museum. One such museum is Salt Museum and Salinas del Carmen near Caleta de Fuste that is solely dedicated to the history of salt. You can pick bag of salts when visiting the places. Some other places are The Antigua Windmill Craft Centre and The Atalayita Archeological Interpretation Centre.

The cuisine reflects the customs and climatic conditions and has large quantity of fish. They also can grow aloe vera and papas arrugadas that is used in basic food. Seafood is traditionaly prepared like pejines, jareas, sancocho, and dishes with mussels. They also use lot of meat and pork. The meat is from the goats grazing on the island and cheese famously produced from Goat. 

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