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The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is located in the east of the country. It is the second largest city in the country after Glasgow. It is also a cosmopolitan city with approximately 600.000 inhabitants. This city, which attracts attention with its architecture dating from the Middle Ages and Georgian periods, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. One of the most significant features of the city is that it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The city is divided into two parts; old town and new town. There are many historical and cultural structures in the Old Town, so it would be a good way to start exploring Edinburgh. The city draws attention with its rich history, local culture, magnificent monuments and splendid castles. There are a great number of places to visit in the city, such as Georgian House, Edinburgh Castle, Craigmillar Castle, Scott Monument, Gladstone’s Land, St. Margaret’s Chapel, and Gilmerton Cove. All these places will give you a great chance to discover Edinburgh’s history.

Edinburgh provides limitless activities for everyone. In particular, The Edinburgh International Festivals gives the city a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, many plays are staged almost every week in the city. Also, their traditional dance shows are very popular among the people in Europe. The Scots perform these shows on certain days, which known as Haggis Nights in public.

Edinburgh is a haven for food lovers. The Scottish are famous for their delicious local dishes, ranging from meat to seafood. Herring, salmon, trout, haddock, and cod are among the most preferred food. Aberdeen Angus is a world famous dish. You should definitely taste it in Edinburgh.

In Edinburgh, Princess Street is the heart of shopping. There are many famous shops along this busy street. You can find a wide variety of products here, from traditional clothes to trendy dresses. On this street, you will also have the opportunity to taste the Scottish whiskey.

Edinburgh’s parks and gardens are perfect if you want to feel peaceful. If you are a nature lover, you are advised to see Edinburgh Municipal Park, Tejano Walk of Fame, and World Birding Centre. Its parks are perfect places to feel the unique nature of the city.

Summer is the best season to visit this beautiful city. Get ready for new experiences, Edinburgh is a must-see. You will be shocked to discover what Edinburgh has to offer.
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