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One of the nine official local areas in the UK, East Midlands is located in the eastern part of the historical Midlands region. In East Midlands, there are six magnificent counties called Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Rutland. All of them have unique natural beauty and historical significance.

East Midlands is a region that provides comfortable living conditions for people. Thanks to this distinctive feature, the prosperity of people is growing day by day, which causes the population of the region to increase as well. It is a crowded city with nearly 5 million inhabitants, some of whom have migrated there from different areas in the UK.

East Midlands provides an extraordinary diversity of lifestyle for its people, which makes it a suitable place to live for people of all age groups.

This city attracts attention with its impressive buildings, national parks, picturesque villages and great cathedrals. Especially, its villages have been the centre of attention for nature lovers. In addition to magnificent villages, its cathedrals are also definitely worth visiting.

The local people give great importance to religion. Churches are always full of people worshiping. Education is equally important, so the local people have a high level of education.

In East Midlands, you will see a great deal of outstanding beauty, which will affect you deeply, as well as some endemic animal species. When you visit East Midlands, don’t forget to stop by Tattershall Farm Park and take selfies with the animals there. It is time to feel sheer beauty. Get ready to discover; East Midlands has a lot to offer.

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