Dubai Travel Tips


When to Visit Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is from Mid-November to early December and then first half of March to avoid the crowds and enjoy in Dubai.

What to Pack for Dubai Trip

Revealing and tight-fitting clothes must be avoided by women visitors.

  • Light and loose cotton clothes should be preferred.
  • Basic first aid supplies for minor bruises and illnesses.
  • Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen should be in your pack to protect yourself from the Dubai sun & heat.
  • Some snacks for a quick bite.
  • A good beachwear/swimwear must be taken along.

The Documents and Currency in Dubai

  • Your travel insurance along with the passport and other travel documents.
  • Your international driving license in case you want to rent a car.
  • The official currency in Dubai is Dirhams (AED). You should have some AED for taxi and food at the airport.
  • For other expenses, you can use INR to exchange at the Dubai airport or the malls.
  • International Debit/Credit cards.

Shopping in Dubai

If shopping is one of your primary plans, then you should take into consideration Dubai Shopping Festival in January or Dubai Summer Surprises in July while you are making your travel plan.  

  • International shopping brands may be more expensive than usual due to they are not tax-free.
  • To buy souvenirs and gift items to take back home, Karama is the best place for shopping. 
  • Dubai Gold Souk is the most preferred place for gold shopping. You are advised to compare prices at various stores and then bargain. 
  • GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is the best place to buy electronic products at discounted prices.

Food and Nightlife Dubai

Dubai nightlife is gorgeous with a great choice of bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

  • 21 years is the minimum age to buy alcohol in bars and clubs. (Some places may refuse under 25 years old). 
  • All nightclubs close at 3:00AM. Plan to party after the wee hours.
  • A dinner cruise is a great option to drink and eat with awesome view of the Marina.
  • You must try Dubai street food.

Dress Code in Dubai

Traditional values are important in Dubai. So, the locals are sensible about them.

  • Keep your shoulders and knees covered while visiting public places.
  • You can wear swimwear only at the beach and near pool area and shorts and sleeveless clothes are at major tourist places.  
  • Avoid tight-fitting or revealing clothes.
  • Take off your footwear before entering a mosque or a house.

Alcohol in Dubai

You can get alcohol at bars, hotels or clubs. 

No PDA in Dubai

Avoid hugs and kissing in public. Even holding hands cannot be tolerated. 

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