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Dresden is the capital city of the state of Saxony in German. Located on the banks of Elbe River, Dresden is also called “Elbe’s Florence”. In terms of geographical size, Dresden is Germany’s fourth-largest city after Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. It is one of the greenest cities in Europe. It is considered a city of art and culture, but it is also an important technology hub. The city of Dresden is known as the Jewel of East Germany in the country. It is a both historic and modern city with more than 500.000 inhabitants.

The city of Dresden is home to the finest examples of Baroque architectural style. Sumptuous palaces, great cathedrals and other impressive buildings on the bank of the Elbe River offer unique sights in this beautiful city. Zwinger, which is a palace built in Baroque architectural style, and Frauenkirche, which is a church built in Romanesque architectural style, are the main symbols of the city. There are also many historic and cultural places in the city, so it would be a good way to start exploring Dresden. If you are a culture lover, you should definitely visit the following places: Rezidenzschloss, Albertinum, Brühl’s Terrace, Kronentor, Hausmannsturm Dresden, Piinitz Castle, Museum of Military History, Albrechtsberg Palace, Semper Gallery, Bienertvilla and Villa San Remo. All these places will give you excellent opportunities to discover Dresden’s rich history and culture.

In the city centre, the most known landmark is the Old Town of Dresden, called Altstadt. One of the most notable features of the old town is that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, there are many colourful streets in the city centre. While walking through the historic streets, you will notice the interesting aspects of the city. There are also a great number of boutique shops located on the city’s streets. If you visit the city one day, do not leave without stopping by these excellent shops.

Dresden provides limitless diversity of irresistible attractions for nature lovers with its national parks and botanical gardens, namely the Grand Garden of Dresden, Rhododendron Park, Blüher Park, Hecht Park, Pulvermühlen, Beutler Park, Internationale Garten, Stadtpark, Bürgerwiese and Rosengarten. The city’s parks and gardens are wonderful places to feel the unique nature of Dresden. By the way, most of these parks and gardens are suitable and safe places for camping.

The city of Dresden is regarded as a paradise for food lovers. The local people are famous for their delicious dishes. Currywurst is the most popular food along with other traditional dishes. Afro-Hütte, Brühlsche Terrasse, Golden Tweenis and Hellmuts are among the most preferred restaurants in the city centre. This city is also the home of WeisBier. You should definitely try WeisBier in the city’s bars streets. Highly recommended!

Dresden has an interesting mix of festivals and celebrations. From religious celebrations to annual festivals, it is always a dynamic city. The most attractive festivals are Dresden Film Festival, Dresden Music Festival, Bunte Republik Neustadt, Comedy Festival and Dresden Jazz Week.

Fresh experiences await you in this beautiful German city. With its many attractions, Dresden is a city worth-seeing. Get ready to explore every part of this great city.

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