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Dortmund is a city in the Ruhr region of Germany. It is part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Dortmund is the seventh largest city in Germany and the thirty-fourth largest city in the European Union. The Dortmund-Ems Canal is the largest in Europe and connects the city with the port of Dortmund to the North Sea. Located in the western Germany, Dortmund is a metropolitan city with nearly 600.000 inhabitants. It is also one of the most important industrial cities in the country with many major companies.

Historic and modern aspects go hand-in-hand in Dortmund. The city’s old town hosts many historical buildings and architectural structures, taking you back to centuries ago with its artistic heritage, which makes the city of Dortmund the centre of attention for culture lovers from all over the world. There are a great many places in the city worth-visiting. The most popular of these are Haus Rodenberg, Hohensyburg, Zollern Colliery, Mahn und Gedenkstatte Steinwache, Petrikirche, Elias Train, Schlanke Mathilde, Atles Stadhaus and St.Reinoldi, all of which are sure to impress you. In addition, there are various interesting museums and art galleries in the city centre of Dortmund, namely Museum Für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Hoesch Museum, Brauerei Museum and Museum Ostwall. Along with the city’s historical places and excellent museums, Dortmund also draws attention with its bright streets, each of which has a unique concept. These streets reveal the perfect combination of old and new. Westenhellweg and Ostenhellweg are the main shopping streets in the city.

Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Dortmund, when there are a great number of options for nature lovers. With limitless beauty, Dortmund is regarded as the heart of nature in the region. If you are keen on nature, you are advised to visit Westfalenpark, Umweltkultur Park, Phoenix See, Stadtgarten Dortmund, Volksgarten Lütgen Dortmund, Park der Generationen, Rombergpark Botanical Garden, Blomke, Stollen Park and Hoesch Park. The nature and the pleasant atmosphere of the city will offer you a memorable trip.

The city of Dortmund also attracts attention with its food specialities. The most famous dishes of the city are Westphalian Grünkol and Pfefferpotthast. You should definitely taste these traditional dishes. Also, there are a wide range of restaurants and cafés in the city centre. The most popular of these are Hövels Hausbrauerei and Gasthaus Overkamp.

Dortmund offers a lot to discover. It is one of the leading cities in Europe with its colourful events. It is home to different kinds of festivals throughout the year. The most notable of these are Klangvokal Music Festival, Juicy Beats, Afro Ruhr Festival, Creole Festival, Museums Nights and LesArt Festival. Dortmund is known as the City of Party in Europe. Along with its annual festivals, all-night parties are very popular. That’s why nightlife of Dortmund and entertainment facilities are world-class. You just cannot get enough of fun in this city.

Dortmund is a perfect destination for exciting discoveries with many opportunities it provides. This beautiful city invites you. What are you waiting for? It is time to enjoy the sheer beauty of Dortmund.

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