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The city of Dammam is situated in the north-east of Saudi Arabia, on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It is the sixth-largest city of the country with approximately 1 million inhabitants. It is regarded as “the capital city of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia” because of its geographical location and countless possibilities. This city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with many attractions. The city of Dammam is definitely worth-seeing with all its beauty.

The history and culture of Dammam is one of the prominent features that make the city more attractive. The city of Dammam is filled with historic museums, splendid castles, ancient mosques, and other historical places. Especially, the city’s old town attracts attention with some special attractions. There are a wide range of places in the city worth-visiting, namely Souq-El-Hob, Heritage Village, Abu Louza Historical Bath, Al-Hassan Mosque, and Dammam Museum of Archaeology & Ethnography.

Dammam, one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the Middle East, is the centre of attention with its picture-perfect natural environment. It is home to some beautiful parks and pretty gardens, such as Dammam Corniche, King Fahad Park, and Muraikabat Mountain Park. Also, Al-Marjan Island and Coral Island are among the most visited destinations in the city because of pleasant atmosphere. These islands are known as “the pearls of Dammam” in the country. The city of Dammam is especially known for its golden beaches, the most popular of which is Half Moon Bay. It is definitely worth-seeing with its clear blue water and clean white sand. Highly recommended!

This perfect city is also at the forefront with its traditional culinary culture. There are a great number of local restaurants in the centre of the city, which let you taste the country’s traditional dishes. You should definitely try the following tasty dishes in Dammam: Mandi, Ful, and Manzalah. By the way, Abu-Nawas, Fayrouz Restaurant, Red Dragon Restaurant, and Steak House Dammam are among the best restaurants in the city centre.

This great city is waiting for you right now! Get ready for breathtaking experiences in Dammam. It invites you on an enyojable trip.

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