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Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and the most populous city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city of Cologne is the historic, cultural and economic capital of the Rhineland. It is also one of the biggest European transport centres. The city was named after Colonia Claudia Ara Aggripinensium, the mother of Emperor Nero. Cologne is located in the west of Germany. The city is also situated nearly 25 miles from the city centre of Düsseldorf, the capital city of the state of North Rhine Westphalia. Cologne is a cosmopolitan city with more than one million inhabitants.

The city of Cologne is one of the rare cities that have managed to protect their cultural heritage for centuries. Its well preserved cultural heritage makes the city more attractive. Cologne has the second greatest number of art galleries in the world, after New York. It is also home to Germany’s oldest and largest university. The Cathedral of Cologne, which is the third-tallest cathedral in the world, is the main symbol of the city. The world’s largest functional bell is situated in the belfry of the Cologne Cathedral, which is the most visited place in the city. In addition, Cologne is home to a great number of must-see places. If you are a culture lover, you are advised to visit the following places: Roman’s Northern Gate, Römerturm, Hahnen Gate, Ulrepforte, Stapelhaus, Medieval Town Hall, St. Maria Himmelfahrt, Shrine of the Three Kings, St.Ursula, St. Kunibert Basilica, and Koelnisches Stastmuseum. The city of Cologne will impress you with its magnificent cathedral, fascinating museums, famous monuments, and other historical structures. The city also draws attention with its bright streets, known for their stylish restaurants, coffee shops and boutique shops. The most famous of these streets is Schildergasse, which is the busiest shopping centre in the city. Along with this street, Breite Strabe and Ehrenstrabe are also very popular among shopping lovers. The city is also home to the Chocolate Museum, where many elegant cafés are located.

The nature of Cologne is beyond beautiful. The city appeals to many people with its unique nature. It is home to many extraordinary parks and gardens, namely Rhine Garden, Rheinpark, Volksgarten, Beethoven Park, Hiroshime-Nagasaki Park, Vorgebirgs Park, Friedens Park, Kalscheurer Weiher, Auberer Grüngürtel, Forest Botanical Garden Friedenwald and Olof-Palme Park. Thanks to these lovely parks and gardens, Cologne will give you a memorable trip with its unusual atmosphere.

The city’s nightlife and entertainment facilities are world-class. Bars and clubs are the centre of attention until the early hours of the morning. Cologne is always full of energy. There are many bars and night clubs on the streets of the city. Cubana Bar offers you the best cocktails in the city. You can also taste hundreds of different kinds of beer in Pepe Bar, which is the most popular club in the city centre. By the way, you should definitely visit Früh Brewey to taste Cologne’s local beer.

Cologne also offers a wide range of attractions to many people with its carnivals and festivals. In the city, many different types of festivals are organized throughout the year, the most notable of which are Cologne Carnival, Summerjam Festival, Achtbrücken, Festival der Genüsse, Kölner Lichter, and Kölner Wienwoche, among others. The city of Cologne is quite impressive when it comes to entertainment.

Your visit to this great German city will definitely be an unforgettable one. Cologne is full of new discoveries waiting for you.

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