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Chittagong, officially known as Chattogram, is situated between the Bay of Bengal and the Chittagong Hill. It lies 19 km north of the Karnaphuli River in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. Also known as the Port City of BangladeshChittagong is a big coastal city and financial hub in the south-eastern area of the country. It is a cosmopolitan city with more than 8 million inhabitants, making it the second most crowded city after Dhaka. Tea, cotton, engineering, chemical production, and manufacturing are the principal industries.  

The perfect nature of Chattogram is always ready to give you an exhilarating experience. It draws a great number of visitors thanks to its outstanding beauty. This great city has plenty of beautiful parks, lakes, waterfalls, pretty gardens, and scenic mountainous regions. You are sure to feel peaceful and relaxed while visiting the following places: St. Martin's Island, Himchori Waterfall, Kaptai Lake, Boga Lake, Nilgiri Mountains, Bhatiyari Lake, and Khaiyachara Falls are definitely worth seeing. Let the peace of nature motivate you!

The city of Chittagong also appeals to many people with its remarkable cultural heritage. The most famous tourist attractions in the city are Shrine of Bayazid Bostami, Masjid-e-Siraj-ud Doula, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Chandranath Temple, and Rama Naundawgree Pagoda

Chittagong has also a tasty local cuisine, ranging from meat to vegetables. Kala bhuna and Mejbani Mangsho are the most popular dishes in the city. Handi Restaurant, Ambrosia, The Exchange Restaurant, Meridian Hotel & Restaurant, Tava Restaurant, BIR Chattala, Haatkhola, Govindas Hotel & Restaurant, and Basmati Restaurant are among the most preferred restaurants in Chittagong with their food specialities.

Chittagong is waiting for you right now! It invites you on an unforgettable trip. What are you waiting for? It is time to visit the city of Chittagong

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