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Catanzaro is located in the Calabria Region in southern Italy. It is the capital and most developed city of the Calabria Region with approximately 100.000 inhabitants. It is one of the most significant commercial centres in the region with flour mills and distilleries. This city is also known as the City of Two Seas because of its location. Catanzaro is among the perfect destinations of Italy. 

Catanzaro appeals to a great number of people with its cultural heritage and honourable traditions. For this reason, it offers a wide range of attractions for culture and history lovers. If you want to experience the daily life in and learn about the culture and history of Catanzaro, you should visit the following historical places: Scolacium Archaeological Park, La Chiesa di San Giovanni, Lambretta Museum, Basilica of the Immaculate, Statua del Cavatore, Complesso Monumentale San Giovanni di Catanzaro, Museo Marco, Museo del Rock, Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine, and Palazzo De Nobili. We are sure that these great places will influence you with their pleasant atmosphere. The city of Catanzaro has a rich culture and history. The streets of the city also draw attention with many elegant restaurants, cafés and boutique shops. These streets are suitable places to have dinner with your family or friends, and some are quite popular for shopping. For example, the Matteotti Square, which is one of the main squares in the city centre, has several beautiful landmarks, such as notable buildings and magnificent monuments.

Catanzaro welcomes thousands of people of all ages with different interests with its beauty and the diversity of experiences it provides. The festivals and major celebrations are world-class. The most notable festivals and celebrations of the city are the Opera Sacra, Magna Graecia Film Festival and Peperoncinpo Jazz Festival, which give the city a friendly atmosphere. Along with its festivals and celebrations, Catanzaro is also home to many bars and nights clubs, namely Hemingway Club, Wine House Brigante, Caffetteria Industrial, Wino, Shots-La Chupiteria and Irish Pub. In addition, Catanzaro is very popular with its golden beaches, including Catanzaro Lido, Spiaggia Di Caminia, Spiaggia di Pietragrande, Brondi’s Beach and Sellia Marina Beach. These beaches are prime locations to escape from the city, take a break from sight-seeing and enjoy the fine Italian weather. That’s why the city is regarded as the ideal holiday destination for many people from both Italy and Europe.

Like many other cities in the region, Catanzaro attracts many tourists who visit the city for its lovely parks and botanical gardens. If you are a nature lover, do not leave the city without seeing the following places to enjoy memorable picturesque landscapes: Parco della Biodiversita Mediterranea, Cascata Campanaro, Villa Trieste, Orme nel Parco, Lago Arvo, Nicholas Green Garden, Villa Margherita, Giardino Botanico Li Comuni and Sentiero Vita Pineta di Siano. 

An outstanding city is waiting to be discovered: Catanzaro is definitely worth-seeing. It is time to feel sheer beauty. Get ready for fresh experiences in this great Italian city.

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