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Cagliari is the capital city of the Sardinian Autonomous Region of Italy. The city lies at the northern extremity of the Gulf of Cagliari, on the south coast of the Sardinia Island. It is one of the most important port cities in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The city is also known as Caralis or Carales in public. It is a great Italian city with a population greater than 400.000.

Historic and modern aspects go hand-in-hand in Cagliari. The city’s old town is home to many historical buildings and architectural structures, taking you back to centuries ago with its cultural heritage, which makes Cagliari the centre of attention for many culture lovers from all around the world. There are a great number of places in the city worth visiting. The most popular of these are Centro della Cultura Contadina, Bastione Saint Remy, Palazzo Valdes, Torre dell’Elefante, Palazzo Regio, Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint Ceci, Castle of San Michele, and Galleria Rifugio Don Bosco, all of which are sure to impress you. In addition, there are some interesting museums and art galleries in the city centre of Cagliari, namely Museo Archeologico Nazionale, National Pinacotheca of Cagliari, Galleria Comunale d’Arte, Old Town Hall, and Cagliari 1920 History&Gallery. Besides its significant historical places and interesting museums, the city also attracts attention with its colourful streets, each of which has a pleasant atmosphere. Especially, Piazza Yenne and Via Giuseppe Manno are definitely worth seeing. These streets reveal the perfect combination of old and new.

Summer is the best season to visit Cagliari, which, because of its location, offers great holiday opportunities. The city is famous for its sandy beaches, including Calamosca, Solanas Beach, Cala Regina, and Poetto Beach, which is the most preferred beach in the city. Along with the beautiful beaches, Cagliari is also known for its remarkable events and lively nightlife. There is no limit when it comes to festivals and parties.

There are many options for nature lovers in Cagliari as in many other cities in Italy. With limitless natural beauty, the city fascinates many people. If you are keen on nature, you are advised to visit Monte Claro Park, Orto Botanico dell’Universita di Cagliari, Public Gardens, Parco Terramaini, Giardinetto di Via Barigadu, and Sezione di Gasteropode-Orto Botanico. These lovely parks and gardens are ideal places to start discovering the city.

With all its beauty, Cagliari will offer you a great trip experience. What are you waiting for? Get en route to Cagliari.

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