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Located in the northwest of France, Caen is part of the administrative unit of Calvados and the capital of Basse-Normandie. Caen is a vibrant city built along the Orne River. One of the most significant features of the city is its proximity to England. The distance at the nearest point separated by the English Channel is just 15 miles. This geographical location has placed the city at the centre of some historical events. Caen is also known as The City of Generals in France. It is an impressive city with nearly 130.000 inhabitants called Caenneais.

Caen is a French city that has witnessed many historical events. This ancient city is one of the rare cities that have managed to preserve their historical structure and cultural heritage for centuries. Therefore, the city is one of the most visited cities in France. If you are a history lover, you should definitely visit this magnificent city. It hosts many must-see places, including Maison des Quatrans, Caen Castle, Memorial de Caen, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, and L’abbaye- aux- Hommes. 

Caen also offers a wide variety of attractions to many people with its beautiful nature. If you are a nature lover, you should not miss Caen Botanical Garden, Parc Michel d’Ornano, Colline aux Oiseau, United States Armed Forces Memorial Garden, Parc de Cormelles Le Royal, and Vallée des Jardins. The nature and the history have become so intertwined in Caen that it is possible to see many historic tracks in almost every park and garden.

In addition to its historical importance and natural beauty, Caen is also home to some cultural festivals. It attracts even more people during the festivals, the most notable of which are Bread Festival, and Chateau de Beauregard, among many others.

Caen is a fascinating city with its colourful streets, each of which has a unique concept. While some of the streets are reminiscent of a historical period, others reflect modernism. Also, there are many shopping centres and boutique shops on these streets. The most preferred of these are Centre Commercial Paul Doumer, Les River de l’Orne, and Stores de France Caen. We are sure that shopping in this city will be quite enjoyable.

The city of Caen is very attractive all year around. With its special attractions, it will offer you a memorable trip. So, what are you waiting for? Do all you can to discover every corner of Caen!

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