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The city of Burgas is located in the Black Sea, in the south-east of Bulgaria. Surrounded by Vaya Lake, Atanaskovsko Lake, and Mandrensko Lake, Burgas is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the country. This city is the fourth largest city in the country with more than 250.000 inhabitants. It is known as the cultural centre of the region thanks to its historical sites. The population of the city is gradually increasing, making it one of the most developed cities in the country.

Burgas plays a significant role in the tourism sector in Bulgaria. The city has managed to maintain its historic texture for centuries. That’s why it is regarded as the historic garden of the country. There are various places where you can see the rich history of Burgas, including Church of the Most Holy Mother, Saint George Church, Saint Cyril and Methodius Church, Christ Pantocrator Church, Museum Archaeological Burgas, Church of Saint Sophia, and Pomorie Museum of History. One of the most visited places in the city is Sozopol Old Town. This pretty town is the main tourist attraction of the city. Along with these historic places, there are many colourful streets in the city centre. It is possible to see the perfect harmony of old and new in every street of Burgas.

Burgas is one of the lesser-known places in Europe in terms of unique sights. However, it fascinates many people from all over the world with its unusual nature. The city of Burgas is the correct address for nature lovers. This beautiful city is rich in parks and gardens. The most popular of these are Sea Garden, Ropotamo Nature Reserve, Strandja Nature Park, Botanical Garden Serafimovi, and City Park & Garden. In addition to these places, do not leave without seeing Kavatsire Beach, Saint Anastasia Isle, Perla Beach, Butamyata Beach and Veleka Beach. Burgas is sure to impress you with its natural beauty and golden beaches.

In the city centre of Burgas, there are a great number of elegant restaurants and cafés. Especially, Kapanite is famous for its seaside restaurants. It is possible to try many unique tastes of Bulgaria in these restaurants, such as Mehana Bansko, Ethno, Roma, and Sorrento. Also, Bulgaria’s finest wines are produced in Burgas. You should definitely taste them. Highly recommended!

The city of Burgas is also at the forefront with its annual festivals. The most notable of these are Summer Festival, Sea of Black Festival, Easter, Spirit of Burgas, Wine Fest, and International Film Festival. It is a 24/7 vibrant city with entertainment facilities. By the way, there are many cinemas, theatres, bars and concert halls in the city centre.

Leave behind the sorrow and visit the great city of Burgas. You will see a great number of extraordinary beauty and boundless entertainment activities in Burgas, so do not miss any of these. It invites you.

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