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Brno is the second largest city in Czechia. Situated in a beautiful natural environment between South Moravian Vineyards and the Moravian Karst, the city of Brno is one of the greenest and most beautiful destinations in the country. It is also the administrative centre of the region. This perfect city is also known as Cultural Capital of the South Moravian Region with many historic attractions. It is a both historic and modern city with approximately 400.000 inhabitants.

Brno attracts attention with its artistic heritage and honourable traditions, and it offers a great many attractions for culture and history lovers. If you want to experience the daily life in and learn about the culture and history of Brno, you should definitely visit the following places: Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Spilberk Castle, Jurkovic Villa, Moravian Gallery, Mendel Museum, Church of Saint James, Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Abbey of Saint Thomas, Kostel Jana Amose Komenskeho, and Saint Jacob Church. We are sure that you will love these historical places. By the way, Brno’s attractive streets also draw attention with many local restaurants and elegant shops. Veveri Street and Old Town Street are among the busiest streets in the city centre.

The city of Brno has charming nature with its lovely parks and pretty gardens, namely Denis Gardens, Luzanky Park, Wilson Forest-Park, Cow Mountain, Under Sail Park, Obora Holedna Park, Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science, Koliste Park, Akatky Forest Park, and Devil’s Gorge Forest Park. The nature and the history have become so intertwined in the city that it is possible to see many historic tracks in almost every park and garden. These parks and gardens are the favourite places for nature lovers.

In addition to its historical importance and unique nature, Brno is also home to some cultural festivals. The city attracts even more and more people from Europe during the festivals, the most notable of which are Brno Jazz Festival, Spilberk Food Festival, International Guitar Festival and Theatre Festival, among many others.

With its special attractions, the city of Brno offers you an unforgettable trip. So, what are you waiting for? Do all you can to discover every corner of Brno.

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